Undersheriff Confident No Second Shooter in Room with Las Vegas Attacker Stephen Paddock

TOPSHOT - The damaged windows on the 32nd floor room that was used by the shooter in the Mandalay Hotel after a gunman killed at least 58 people and wounded more than 500 others when he opened fire on a country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 2, …

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill told reporters during a Friday afternoon press conference that authorities have reviewed “voluminous” amounts of video footage and are confident there was not another shooter in a 32nd-floor hotel room with Stephen Paddock when he shot and killed nearly 60 people and wounded close to 500.

McMahill went on to clarify that what authorities are not confident about is whether someone else had knowledge of the attack before it happened. Asked about the 50 pounds of tannerite found in the suspect’s vehicle, McMahill said it was found in the condition that it was and that it was not an IED.

The undersheriff said investigators have collected and reviewed “voluminous” amounts of video from several locations and had not identified any other individual.

During a Thursday press conference Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said, “Self value, face value, you got to make the assumption that he had to have had some help at some point. And we want to ensure that that’s the answer.” He added that it would be hard for him to believe that Paddock was working alone, that he would have had to be a “super-guy.”

McMahill also answered questions about reports that a key card was used to gain access to the room at the same time that Paddock’s vehicle was being operated. The undersheriff said that they do not have any evidence to support these reports. “I’m not aware of that,” he said when pressed on the issue.

Reporters asked if authorities have been looking at any of Paddock’s activities specifically from October. There have been reports that a significant event occurred in October 2016 that may have been a contributing factor for the shooting. “We are looking at every month from birth to death of this individual,” McMahill said in response to a reporter’s question on this issue.

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