Exclusive–Scott Wagner on Running for PA Governor: ‘My Campaign Is About’ Leadership and Solving Problems

Scott Wagner

Pennsylvania State Sen. Scott Wagner told Breitbart News Sunday host Matthew Boyle that his campaign for Pennsylvania governor “is going to be about leadership and solving everyone’s problems in Pennsylvania.”

Wagner told Boyle that Pennsylvanians “want to see change, they’re starving for change.”

On Saturday, the Pennsylvania Republican Party endorsed York County state Sen. Scott Wagner for governor. 

In Wagner’s acceptance speech, he promised to rail against the “status quo” that Governor Wolf has promoted in the state’s capitol of Harrisburg. 

Sen. Wagner remarked that as governor he can help Pennsylvanians obtain great careers through increased access to trade schools. Wagner explained:

Our current school system pushes a lot of kids to college and I learned in the Allentown school system there’s a 30-35 percent drop out rate for students. How many of those kids end up in the criminal justice system and I think we wait until they’re in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade to talk about their future carerer. Bottom line is it’s too late we should be talking to them in 4th or 5th grade or 6th grade.

Wagner continued, “In the trade side, you start out as a nurse, electrician, or dental hygienist, or auto mechanic and the minimum starting trade salary is $50,000. You can be a specialized welder or a mechanic and make $100,000 plus.”

Boyle commented, “Going to trade school, that’s a good honest job, working as a machinist or at a steel plant. It seems like we forgot about that. People get massively indebted going to liberals arts schools and this is how we can deal with our student debt problem too.”

Sen. Wagner also remarked, “We have an unbelievable heroin and opioid crisis here in Pennsylvania. We can solve this crisis.

“I’m going to be a governor who leads the charge. We have a governor [Tom Wolf] who’s not providing leadership, he’s more like the PR director of our state,” Wagner added.


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