Exclusive — Donald Trump Jr.: Trump Economy Most Helping ‘Forgotten Men’ in ‘Forgotten Land Everywhere Between New York City and Malibu’

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AP Photo/Lance Iversen

President Donald J. Trump’s holistic approach to the economy is designed to help the working class “forgotten man” in America’s heartland, not the coastal elites, his son, Donald Trump Jr., said this weekend in an exclusive interview on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125.

Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of President Donald Trump who has taken over with Eric Trump the day-to-day operations of the Trump Organization while his father serves as President of the United States, was discussing the latest jobs numbers that show 3.8 percent unemployment overall and record low unemployment among blacks and Hispanics as well as amazing numbers for women.

“What about for women? Sixty-year lows for female unemployment, 60-year lows,” Trump Jr. said. “Sixty years. That’s probably toward the end of World War II when they were [this low]. That is something that’s incredible, and yet the narrative is, ‘He’s terrible for women. He’s terrible for minorities.’ It’s the most asinine thing I’ve ever heard. And again, if the New York Times is saying they don’t have words to describe how good these numbers are, they’re not doing that with joy. I want to be a fly on the wall as these people are writing these things because they must be miserable.”

The most important economic indicator, however, is wages, which are also on the rise per the latest economic stats released by the U.S. Department of Labor. Many presidents in both political parties have focused on economic growth designed to boost GDP and get business booming, but what often has happened in the last 30 years, thanks to open borders immigration and trade policies, is that the average worker does not succeed as well. Trump Jr. argued in this Breitbart News Saturday interview that like his father did during the 2016 presidential campaign, his focus as president has been on helping those average blue-collar workers succeed—and that they are seeing the benefits as a result with wage increases and other indicators.

“Of course, and that’s what’s happening—there’s actually positions and jobs where there’s actual demand that’s almost difficult to meet at this point,” Trump Jr. said when it was noted that wages were rising as well. “Manufacturing, for example, is going through the roof, so that’s awesome for all of those people.”

The winners in the Trump economy, Trump Jr. said, is the American working class blue-collar folks in the Heartland and Rust Belt, not the coastal elites.

“The forgotten men that we campaigned on—they’re getting the real benefit of that,” Trump Jr. said. “That’s not helping billionaires and the narrative they’re trying to sell. That’s helping real, blue-collar, hardworking, patriotic Americans. They’re getting better wages. There’s more demand for their work. They’re able to do that. They’re able to support their families better. That helps their family structure. Everything—I mean, this is what we campaigned on. This is what my father ran on. This is helping the people in what was the forgotten land everywhere between New York City and Malibu that the Democratic Party establishment has forgotten about for decades.”

It’s unusual, Trump Jr. said, for a president to actually follow through on campaign promises, but he said his dad is different than most politicians—and is committed to seeing the working class succeed.

“That was the thesis of his whole campaign, and guess what? He’s actually doing it,” Trump Jr. said. “This isn’t the usual political lip service of ‘these are the promises, and once I get elected, we’ll forget all about that.’ He’s delivering, okay? Promises made, promises kept. Time and time again. That’s not coming from guys who are fans of DJT. That’s coming from guys like the Washington Post who are saying, ‘Hey, Trump is keeping his campaign promises.’ These guys must be rolling over dying trying not to write these articles, but he is helping the forgotten man. He is helping hardworking, patriotic, blue-collar America, and it’s making a difference. This is where we should be as a country. This is where all our politicians should be focused on.”

Trump Jr. also argued that Democrats have ceded this ground politically to his father’s new Republican Party, and they can’t just crawl back in and act like nothing happened for the last 30 years.

“I see the new Democratic spin: ‘We’re going to be about jobs.’ Really?” Trump Jr. said. “Where have you been for 30 years? Now, after Trump does and Trump wins on it, now you care about jobs? Guess what? In 16 or 17 months, Trump has done more for jobs, created more jobs than anyone before him in a similar amount of time, and now, you’re going to run against him on those same concepts with oppressive taxation, ridiculous over-regulation, and all of these things that are the basic foundations of their party. It makes no sense whatsoever, but we have to remember that, and we have to turn up to vote because they are motivated. They’re motivated by hate and nonsense, but you know what? That can be pretty powerful. We have to make sure we don’t get lazy and that we turn out in November and that we elect intelligent, good people who are going to help DJT with his platform and continue this because with eight years, I can’t even imagine what we could do. Just think of what he’s done in 16 or 17 months. I mean, if you had eight years of this, we could really get this country back on track and really remain the force that we were supposed to be forever. It’s really incredible, and it’s an incredible opportunity that we can’t squander.”



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