Breitbart Booed at Women’s March

Tamika Mallory, co-president of the anti-Trump, open borders Women’s March organization, called out Breitbart News for covering a protest on Thursday in Washington, DC.

Breitbart News videographer Matt Perdie asked Women’s March board member and Palestinian anti-Semitic activist Linda Sarsour about the event, but when he told her his affiliation with Breitbart News she refused to respond.



When Mallory took the stage later, she said the news organization was “trolling us.” (top video)

Women’s March board member and Palestinian anti-Semite activist Linda Sarsour refused to speak with Breitbart News on Thursday at a protest in Washington, DC, calling for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). (Penny Starr/Breitbart News)

“So when people say to you that we are this and we are that, and we are anti-this-one, and we don’t love people, and we don’t love this country, and we don’t love every single human being — you’ll tell them they’re a damn liar. You tell them they are liars,” Mallory said.

“And when those who came here today trolling us — I heard Breitbart is here trying to film us today to get some information to go back and lie in their story; to tell lies about them,” Mallory said. “You go on there, and you tell them they’re a damn liar.”

“That we came here today because we love all people and that immigrants are our people. That Muslims are our people,” Mallory said. “That refugees are our people. We will stand for all.”

Protesters at the Women’s March event on Thursday in Washington, D.C., called for open borders and an end to detaining people who enter the United States illegally. (Penny Starr/Breitbart News)

Leaders of the left-wing Women’s March, promoted and funded by the likes of George Soros’s MoveOn and Planned Parenthood, called for open borders and to allow all families who enter the United States illegally to be released into the country.

Organizers of the protest asked for volunteers to disobey police orders and be arrested, with some 200 being taken into custody by Capitol Police.

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