Donald Trump: ‘Whistleblower’ Must Testify; ‘Written Answers Not Acceptable’

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 01: U.S. President Donald Trump talks to reporters before depart
Chip Somodevilla/Getty

President Donald Trump ripped the so-called ‘whistleblower’ on Monday after lawyers agreed to allow him to answer written questions from House Republicans.

“He must be brought forward to testify,” Trump wrote. “Written answers not acceptable!”

Trump argued the “whistleblower” gave false information about his call with the Ukrainian president and worked with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff before coming forward.

The identity of the “whistleblower” has already been revealed in a report by Real Clear Investigations, although lawyers refused to confirm or deny the report but rather pretended his identiy remains a sacred secret.

Trump taunted the media on Sunday for not following up on his identity.

“You know who it is. You just don’t want to report it,” Trump said. “CNN knows who it is but you don’t want to report it. And you would be doing the public a service if you did.”

The president also questioned the location of the second ‘whistleblower.’

“Where is the 2nd Whistleblower?” Trump wrote. “He disappeared after I released the transcript. Does he even exist? Where is the informant? Con!”

Trump said anyone who had questions about his July phone call with the Ukranian president had only to read the transcript which he released.

“There is no reason to call witnesses to analyze my words and meaning,” Trump wrote. “This is just another Democrat Hoax that I have had to live with from the day I got elected (and before!). Disgraceful!”


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