Mike Flynn Jr. to NeverTrumpers: Don’t Tell Trump’s Base We Don’t Care About RussiaGate

Michael Flynn Jr. with father
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Michael Flynn Jr., the son of former National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Michael Flynn, on Sunday rebuked NeverTrumpers who argue that Americans do not care about alleged FBI corruption under the Obama administration.

He wrote in an article, addressing Republican NeverTrumpers:

…to the Andy McCarthys, Rich Lowrys, Guy Bensons, Ari Flieshers, Marco Rubios, Mitt Romneys, Jeff Flakes, Ben Shapiros, entire Bush family, John Kasichs, Colin Powells, George Wills, Max Boots, David Frenchs, Jonah Goldbergs, Stephen Hayess’, Megan McCains, Rick Wilsons, and every other “NeverTrumper”, don’t tell me or President Trump’s base that we don’t care about RussiaGate like he does.

He added: “It’s this elitist, milquetoast, dispassionate, RINO attitude that we’re SICK of among other things.”

Flynn Jr. said he was prompted to respond after he saw a tweet by former prosecutor and National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy that said, “I’ve done lots of work on this topic, so it bothers me. But Rich Lowry has it right: POTUS has to accept that people have already made up their minds about Russiagate, and most just don’t care about it like POTUS does …”

Flynn responded that it was “amazing to see there are those who claim to be republican and/or conservative still NOT grasp or have zero feel for the pulse of President Donald Trump’s base.”

He said his father and family have received millions of messages — handwritten letters, texts, direct messages, phone calls, email, etc. in support from “every single state in America” and even from around the world.

“People are SICK of the lack of accountability and sick of the seemingly ignored criminality in RussiaGate,” he said, referring to the FBI’s probe into the Trump campaign for alleged collusion with Russia. He wrote:

My family and I have been irreparably harmed by the Obama-Biden administration and their soldiers of fraud. My father was framed and forced to plead guilty to something he did not do. The truth of the matter has been held hostage for nearly FOUR YEARS by the likes of current FBI Director Christopher Wray, and current CIA Director Gina Haspel who frankly, in my opinion, should’ve been fired already.

The treasonous forces responsible, and these anti-American tyrants, were directly overseen by former President Barack Hussein Obama, his former Vice President Joe Biden, and their corrupt deputies. They unleashed and weaponized our country’s own intelligence community for personal and political purposes and WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN.

He urged Trump supporters to not lose faith if U.S. Attorney John Durham does not act to issue further indictments or release a report prior to the election, as many had hoped.

“If there’s anyone who understands and has had to put up with an absolutely slow and corrupt system of justice, it’s my family and I. If we can endure, so can you. Stay strong. Stay focused. VOTE,” he wrote.


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