Study: Republican Trust in Establishment Media Drops 50 Percent from 2016

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A Pew Research Center study released Monday depicts Republicans’ trust in the establishment media has dropped 50 percent since Donald Trump won the White House in 2016.

Only 35 percent of Republicans trust the establishment news media, down from 70 percent in 2016.

Along with Republicans’ distrust of the national news media, both Democrats and U.S. adults overall also distrust the national media more than they did five years ago. Democrats trust in the media has dropped five points and trust among U.S. adults overall is down 18 points from 76 percent.

Overall, 58 percent of Americans have some trust in the national media. “While still a majority, this is the smallest share over the past five years this question was asked,” Pew analyzed. “When it was last asked in late 2019, 65% expressed at least some trust.”

Local news organizations have also taken a hit in trust. Republicans have dropped the most at 13 points from 79 percent, compared to Democrats, which have dropped one point and U.S. adults seven points.

Social media has been the next victim, although the social platforms began with less trust overall. The drop in trust from Republicans was charted at 32 percent and has sunk by 13 points. Both Democrats and independents have lost trust in social media – Democrats by two points and U.S. adults by seven points.

The lack of trust in the media over the last five years may be due to the growing disconnect between media/tech members who live in metropolitan America and many media consumers who live elsewhere. For instance, cities like Washington, DC, New York City, and Los Angeles have far different politics than cities in Kansas, according to voting patterns.

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