Report: Joe Biden Grants Only 16 Interviews in 2021, Far Fewer than Trump and Obama

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s 48 years in public life are already two years longer than John F. Kennedy’s entire life. | Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

President Joe Biden hid from the establishment media in 2021 by reportedly granting only 16 interviews.

Biden’s 16 interviews are far short of his two latest predecessors. According to a CBS reporter, Donald Trump gave 72 interviews during the same period, while Barack Obama conducted a whopping 155.

The reported shortlist of Biden’s interviews are:

  • ABC – 3
  • CBS – 2
  • NBC – 2
  • MSNBC – 1
  • ESPN – 1
  • PRINT – 3
  • Local TV – 3
  • CNN Town Halls – 3

Not only has Biden eluded interviews, but he has also escaped the White House.

On December 17, Biden reportedly conducted his 30th retreat to Delaware for a total of 89 days.

In comparison to Trump, Obama, and George Bush during the same point in the presidency, Biden spent far more time away from the Oval office.

While Trump reportedly spent 41 days in Palm Beach and Bedminster, Obama spent eight days in Martha’s Vineyard, and Bush spent 57 days at his Texas ranch.

Biden’s absence from the White House and media interactions caused reporters on Monday to question when Biden will answer questions about high crime, immigration, inflation, and the deadly Afghan withdrawal.

“It depends on what you ask,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in response:

For the president’s part, he has repeatedly told the media, under the orders of his apparent handlers, he should not take questions.

May 13th:

August 29th:

December 21st:

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