Adam Schiff Fundraises Off Ouster from House Intelligence Committee

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., speaks to reporters after the House select committee investiga
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been fundraising off his ouster from the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

In an email sent to his supporters, Schiff said the Republican Party under the leadership of Kevin McCarthy finally did what they threatened to do for the last two years: oust him from the Intelligence Committee. According to Schiff, the act was “political retribution” for his pushing for the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

“They removed me from the House Intelligence Committee where I have served as Chairman and the top Democrat for years,” he wrote. “This is political retribution for my leading the impeachment of Donald Trump, pure and simple, and a dangerous effort to go after anyone who holds them accountable. It also turns the Intelligence Committee into a political plaything for their right-wing supporters.”

So how can people combat this supposed injustice? According to Schiff, they can donate “$10 or whatever” of their hard-earned money.

“I really need you with me to help respond to this baseless attack on my ability to serve my constituents and the American people,” said the email. “Please, contribute $10 or whatever you can spare today to help me respond to Republicans’ baseless attacks on my ability to hold them accountable. This isn’t the end of my fight for truth, accountability, and our democracy.”

“I’ll have much more to say soon. But for now, thanks for standing with me — because it’s not just a personal attack on me. It’s an attack on accountability and effective oversight,” he concluded. “And it’s up to all of us to fight back.”

While Schiff characterized himself as an upstanding member of the House Intelligence Committee, his conduct demonstrated the exact opposite, such as his emphatic support of the thoroughly debunked Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

Kevin McCarthy told reporters at a press conference earlier this month that Adam Schiff lied to the American public for four years.

“Adam Schiff openly lied to the American public,” McCarthy said. “He put America for four years through an impeachment that he knew was a lie at the same time we had Ukraine, at the same time we had Afghanistan collapse. Was that the role of the Intel Committee? No.”

Schiff vowed revenge in response to the decision on Tuesday.

“Kevin McCarthy just kicked me and @RepSwalwell off the Intelligence Committee. This is petty, political payback for investigating Donald Trump,” Schiff tweeted. “If he thinks this will stop me, he will soon find out just how wrong he is. I will always defend our democracy.”


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