Poll: The Government/Poor Leadership Rated the Country’s Top Issue

US President Joe Biden spoke with the parents of Tyre Nichols, the Black man whose beating to death by police officers has set the United States on edge

The government and poor leadership top the list of what Americans believe is the most important issue in the country, a recent Gallup survey found.

When asked to identify the most important problem facing the country today, the government/poor leadership stood as the top ranking, earning 21 percent support. That reflects a six-point jump from the 15 percent who said the same in November and December last year. 

While inflation and the economy tied as the most important issues in November and December, garnering 16 percent, inflation has fallen to the second most important issue with 15 percent choosing it as the top issue facing the country in the latest survey. The economy fell six points, coming in third place with ten percent choosing it as the top issue facing the country. Another six percent said “unifying the country” is the top issue, followed by five percent who said race relations/racism, five percent who said poverty/hunger/homelessness, four percent who said crime/violence, and four percent who said ethical/moral/family decline. 

Both Republicans and Democrats, 24 percent and 18 percent, respectively, identify the government itself as the greatest problem facing the country. However, Republicans also prioritize inflation and immigration (18 percent each), while 11 percent of Democrats identify inflation as the greatest problem. Nine percent chose race relations as well as the economy. 

The survey was taken January 2-22, 2023 among 1,011 adults and has a +/- 4 percent margin of error. 

Notably, none of the top issues identified in the survey were related to climate change or efforts to prioritize green energy and electric vehicles, despite the fact that President Biden has focused on such, recently promoting $87,000 EVs.

“On my watch, the great American road trip is going to be fully electrified. And now, through a tax credit, you can get up to $7,500 on a new electric vehicle,” Biden said last week, posting an image of himself in a Hummer EV with a mask hanging underneath his chin:

The survey also comes on the heels of the Biden administration backtracking over gas stoves after Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. floated banning them as a possibility. As the survey shows, Americans do not appear to be worried about the gas stoves, either, despite the Biden administration’s apparent, yet failed, attempt to zero in on that issue.


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