Ashley Biden Appears at Lavish State Dinner After Woman Gets Jail Time for Stealing Her Diary

Ashley Biden (L) and Finnegan Biden (R) arrive at the White House for a state dinner on Ap
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First daughter Ashley Biden made a rare appearance at a lavish state dinner welcoming the Japanese prime minister to the White House on Wednesday, a day after the woman who stole and sold her diary was sentenced to a month of prison time.

The New York Times noted the timing of her appearance:

Ashley Biden, the president’s daughter, politely but quickly drifted away from the cameras after telling reporters about her dress. On Tuesday, a Florida woman was sentenced to jail for selling Ms. Biden’s private diary to a right-wing activist group. But outside worries rarely come between a Biden and a state dinner invitation. Ms. Biden’s brother, Hunter, attended a state dinner while under federal investigation last year.

One journalist commented that the article had a “sneering tone” and suggested that Biden should not appear so soon after the sentence:

The woman who was sentenced to jail, Aimee Harris, is a mother of two children, and was given prison time and and three months of home confinement after prosecutors accused her of purposely delaying the sentencing hearing 12 times and showing “a complete disregard” for court orders.

Harris apologized at the hearing for selling the diary and apologized for repeatedly delaying the sentencing hearing, arguing that she was consumed with caring for her two young children, who are six and eight years old. She also said that she is a survivor of long-term domestic abuse and sexual trauma.

Aimee Harris

Aimee Harris walks out of Manhattan federal court on April 9, 2024, in New York. (AP Photo/Larry Neumeister)

Harris found the diary at a Del Rey, Florida, house that Biden had previously lived in. She and codefendant Robert Kurlander then sold the diary to Project Veritas for $40,000.

Some alleged excerpts have been shared online. Snopes, a fact-checking website, noted some of the diary’s widely circulated alleged contents in an article:

An often cited page from that “leaked diary,” which chronicled its author’s addiction recovery in intimate detail, makes reference to sexual trauma and poses questions in search of an explanation for being “hyper-sexualized @ a young age.” Along with mentions of not liking to visit a certain family’s house, “being sexualized” with a female friend, and “having sex with friends @ a young age,” the author noted taking “showers with my dad (probably not appropriate).”

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