Report: Joe Biden’s Aides Call Donald Trump ‘Hitler Pig’ in Private

WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 24: Republican presidential candidate former U.S. President Donald T
Drew Angerer/Getty Image

White House aides have reportedly been referring to former President Donald Trump as “Hitler Pig” in their private discussions.

Politico’s West Wing Playbook broke the news of the unsavory moniker on Wednesday following a viral post from Maggie Haberman of the New York Times that said Trump appeared to be sleeping in the courtroom for his criminal trial.

“Trump appears to be sleeping. His head keeps dropping down, and his mouth goes slack,” she said.

According to Politico, the post went viral and “shot around Biden world in emails and text messages between White House, campaign aides, and other Democrats close to the administration.”

“Hitler Pig sleepy,” one individual said on a thread.

Four sources told West Wing Playbook that the moniker “Hitler Pig” is “one that aides to and allies of the president — generally younger, more digitally native individuals, not senior staffers, one person clarified — frequently use to describe Trump”:

A Google search of the term brings up various images (search at your own risk) depicting the former president as, well, a pig. With a swastika armband. That suggests the characterization started online and was adopted later by people in the president’s orbit.

Brian Hughes, a senior campaign adviser for Trump, said the phrase highlights the Biden campaign’s lack of decency.

“Joe Biden talks a lot about decency, but he and his staff don’t have a decent bone in their bodies,” said Hughes. “These ridiculous and gross comments reflect the failure and dishonesty of the entire Biden operation.”

President Joe Biden has also been quoted as referring to Trump as a “sick fuck” in private.

Trump has not been shy to share his thoughts about Biden in public. After Israel faced a drone attack from Iran, the former president said, “Everything Biden touches turns to shit.”

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