Claim: Prosecutions, Disbarment of Trump Lawyers Aims to ‘Chill’ GOP Lawyers

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The ongoing efforts to prosecute, disbar, and smear attorneys who served as election lawyers for President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign could leave Republicans short of legal talent for the election fight in November 2024.

That’s the analysis of some observers, noting the recent successful prosecutions of Trump aides Peter Navarro and Stephen K. Bannon, and the ongoing effort to disbar Trump attorney John Eastman, among other such efforts.


One commentator — “@amuse” — wrote on X / Twitter:

Democrats have aggressively targeted over 400 Republican lawyers and politicians with criminal charges, civil lawsuits, and disbarment proceedings ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

In addition to these criminal trials, Democrats are pursuing numerous efforts to have Republican lawyers disbarred. The Soros-backed 65 Project has filed disbarment proceedings against more than 100 Republican lawyers, which prevent many of these lawyers from working until the proceedings are concluded. In almost every case, the charges lack merit, but they have three primary impacts: a chilling effect that discourages other Republican lawyers and politicians from helping Trump, a financial drain on the resources of Republicans who might otherwise use their funds to help elect Trump, and a time drain that physically keeps them busy during the campaign.

Their goal is to prevent Republicans from ensuring the integrity of the election and protecting the sanctity of your vote.

The 65 Project, among others, claims to be a “bipartisan” effort to hold lawyers accountable and to “deter future abuse of the legal system by lawyers seeking to overturn legitimate elections.” But it does not apply to Democrats — certainly not to the many state officials who have tried, in the 2024 election, to exclude Trump from the ballot, only to be shot down 9-0 by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nevertheless, such efforts are effective. In November 2020 — just days after the election — Trump’s lawyers in Pennsylvania quit under pressure, amid demands by Democratic Party activists and lawyers that firms take action against anyone representing Trump’s election challenges.

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