Phil Robertson and Dave Bossie: ‘Torchbearer’ Is a ‘Christian War Film’ for a Time of ‘Spiritual Warfare’

Citizens United Productions/Glittering Steel
Citizens United Productions/Glittering Steel

Duck Commander’s Phil Robertson and Dave Bossie were in-studio guests for Thursday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily to talk about the film Torchbearer, which SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon said was made to “unite people, particularly to unite conservatives.” The film stars Robertson, with Bossie as director and Bannon as writer.

“It’s real simple,” said Robertson, adding:

When you forget God, and you allow men to determine right, wrong, good, evil, what your life is worth – look, why don’t we try this in America? Because everyone’s looking around saying what in the world’s going on? We’re shooting the police, and people are in Chicago, killing three or four thousand people in the last decade. Why don’t we try this: do not murder, and just say, do not steal. Just put those two commandments into practice.

“Don’t murder and don’t steal, and someone said, ‘Well, that won’t work!’” said a bemused Robertson.

He said the Holy Spirit lived in some people, while “the spirit of the Evil One is in the rest of ’em.” He continued:

So you have spiritual warfare taking place. The larger group is controlled by the Evil One, his spirit in them. The smaller group, the Holy Spirit is in. And these two clash all the time, and the carnage, and the murder, and the lying, and the stealing, and all of this disobedience – you got children runnin’, and rippin’, and robbin’, and rapin’. You say that all comes from the Evil One.

“There’s two kinds of people on the earth: the children of God, the ones with the Holy Spirit, and the whole world is under the control of the Evil One,” Robertson warned.

Bossie was optimistic that the country is not yet too divided for the message of Torchbearer.

“This film is what you’ve been calling a Christian war film,” he told Bannon. “It really is a film that educates the American people, and really the base, what you’re talking about, of just the battle that we are in. And it is the right film at the right time. This message is so important for right now.”

“The evangelical vote has been going down, decreasing, since 2000,” Bossie observed. “George Bush’s re-election vote in 2004 was a lower turnout than 2008, 2012.”

Robertson said the evangelical movement is not united because “everyone has their own little camp. They call it denominations. They all have their different camps, and they can’t even agree enough to who they’re going to put into the White House. They just disagree too much.”

“The American model of Christianity, I hate to say this, has not worked real well,” he continued. He went on to say:

Because you have to remember, when they removed God from the institutions of higher learning, they removed God from the entertainment business, they took Him out of the news media, and now He’s out of the government, for the most part. The void was not filled by Christianity. God was pushed back into a box. And they argue about theological discussions, instead of coming together under one head, even Jesus, and get the job done.

“Phil Robertson’s idea, the very premise of this film, was going back to ancient Rome, to ancient Greece, to the times 2000 years ago, and how these massive empires – to show that America is not permanent, unless we continue to fight for it, every minute of every day,” said Bossie.

“That’s what evangelicals need to come out and support Donald Trump and Mike Pence,” Bossie urged. “Because now, in his first major decision, he picked Mike Pence. That tells you a lot about the man.”

“Everybody that calls himself an evangelical, the least he can do is, we all rally around – no matter what name is hanging on your sign – and agree that God became flesh 2016 years ago. He died on a cross, Jesus is His name, was buried and raised from the dead,” Robertson added. “Sin problem solved, grave problem solved, at the hands of Jesus. We all ought to be able to agree on the Gospel, and that would be enough for me.”

He said that looking back two thousand years, “the sins of Rome are the sins of America. Nothing has changed. All these empires, they rise and they rot from within. America’s problem is that America doesn’t know what its problem is. Its problem is sin.”

“Everyone who sins breaks the law. In fact, sin is lawlessness,” Robertson declared. “So you see, even in America, we’re rebelling against anybody in authority because it’s lawlessness. It’s sin that’s of the Evil One, and until, if and until, large numbers of Americans repent of their sins and turn back to God, I don’t think one man’s going to be able to change it.”

His call for evangelicals in November is to “get off their posteriors and vote.”

“You look at this depraved bunch, this political correct crowd, and you’re like, what in the world is that? It’s of the Evil One. It’s spiritual warfare, Bannon,” Robertson declared.   

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