AFA’s Sandy Rios: Target’s Response to Boycott ‘a Smokescreen,’ ‘Not Enough’ — We ‘Must Hold Their Feet to the Fire’

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Washington, DC

Sandy Rios, Director of Governmental Affairs for the American Family Association, discussed with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow her organization’s ongoing boycott of Target stores based upon the company’s restroom policy.

“The numbers show that their revenue has fallen,” Rios said of the retail giant. “They just did their most recent annual report. The shopping has dropped dramatically. So, the very next day after they report how their earnings have decreased, they come out with this proposal and they say their going to add private (single use) bathrooms to almost all of their 1,790 locations.”

As Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston reported: “A consumer protest by Americans has successfully forced Target Corp. to walk a few steps away from its disastrous $10 billion decision to back the radical transgender lobby.”

Commenting on this development, Rios stated:

At first glance that seems good. In some ways it is. But it really doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change anything in the dressing rooms. And what it means is, people who are like, the moms, the grandmas, the guys who are kind of modest, are all going to be waiting in line for that one single use bathroom, while the tiny, single-digit percentage of people who don’t care if they go to the bathroom with some other gender are going to be given the larger bathrooms. It’s a bone. It’s sort of a smokescreen. It’s not enough.

“We really must hold their feet to the fire,” added Rios, “and we need more of you. To hold their feet to the fire, [go to] to sign the petition and to agree to boycott them.”

Rios acknowledged that Target is feeling a “pinch” from the boycott, adding:

If we do not keep the pressure on Target, we know how major corporations are, they are scared to death of anything that isn’t politically correct. This will spread like wildfire. We will not be able to go to the bathroom anywhere. So, that’s why we need people. If you are listening and haven’t joined the boycott, yet, they can go to and sign your name and most importantly, stop shopping at Target until they correct this.

The AFA current has over 1.3 million signatures for the effort.

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