A.J. Delgado: Florida ‘in the Bag’ for Trump; Latino Vote Responding to Anti-Corruption Message


A.J. Delgado, a senior adviser to Donald Trump, checked in with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on the Election Day edition of Breitbart News Daily.

A native of Florida, Delgado said she has always been confident Trump would carry the state.

“It’s always been in the bag. Mr. Trump is beloved in his second home state, as it were, and the Cuban-American community in particular has really risen in its support of him, especially in the past couple of months, thanks to Mr. Trump’s efforts, directly engaging with the community, and visiting with the Cuban-American community in Miami – as well as the Haitian community in Miami, I might also add,” she said.

“So the support has only gone up. I think the latest poll I saw, it’s a dead heat, but I think we’ve got it,” Delgado predicted. “We know Republicans in Florida tend to vote heavily on Election Day, and we’re expecting to see that turnout.”

She agreed with Marlow that the Democrats’ approach to minority voting blocs, such as Latinos, was condescending.

“Absolutely, and thanks for picking up on that because it absolutely is ridiculous to speak of, as the media routinely does, of the Latino bloc as a monolithic bloc,” Delgado said. “We know that Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Mexicans, Cubans all have different concerns, as all Americans have varying concerns, and vote differently, in different patterns. As we know, Cuban-Americans are the one Latino group that tends to vote Republican.”

“What else is also a bit condescending is this assumption the media keeps making this week that all of these Latinos that are voting, especially in Nevada, will necessarily be voting for Hillary Clinton,” she continued. “That’s simply not true. Mr. Trump is doing phenomenally well with the Latino community around the country, including in Nevada. The latest L.A. Times poll had him at over 40 percent with Latinos, and the Fox News poll had him at 30 percent. That’s already three points higher than Mitt Romney did with Latinos.”

Marlow asked if the Trump campaign has done a good job of asking Latinos why they would “come to the United States and then vote for policies that make our country so similar to the one that [they] left.”

“Listen, the Puerto Rican community is a perfect example of that,” Delgado replied. “It’s a fantastic question, by the way. The reason Puerto Ricans, many Puerto Ricans who are here, especially in what we call the I-4 Corridor through the Orlando area in Florida, the reason many have had to flee Puerto Rico is because of the corruption, the lack of transparency there in government, that has caused Puerto Rico to almost effectively begin to implode. That’s what Mr. Trump spoke to them, in part, about when he met with the Puerto Rican community recently. He said, ‘Listen, my administration won’t have that type of corruption. That’s what you fled. Why would you vote for a Hillary Clinton type of candidate? This is exactly the type of corruption that has put you in the predicament that you didn’t want to begin.’”

“So I think the theme of corruption, when we look at Hillary Clinton, is one that speaks very powerfully and really resonates with Latinos in particular, especially first-generation immigrants who have become citizens and now vote, because that’s exactly what we fled. Whether it’s Communism in Cuba, Maduro in Venezuela, Puerto Ricans, whatever. By the way, Puerto Ricans aren’t immigrants, but still leaving their homeland, as it were. It resonates across the board,” she said.

Delgado said Trump had done well in the late stage of the campaign by “constantly hammering home this issue of jobs and trade deals.”

“We hear that 70,000 factories have closed, and we hear that five million manufacturing jobs have been lost since the year 2000 – in 16 years alone, five million manufacturing jobs – and we hear Hillary Clinton has a record, we saw in WikiLeaks, of support for TPP; she plans to support it. We know her husband is the one who signed NAFTA into law. It really comes down to every voter. It comes down to jobs and the economy,” she said.

“As I’ve always said whenever they would ask me about his tax returns, I would always say, ‘Listen, the only tax return that matters at the end of the day is my own and that of my family members and people I love, and that Donald Trump is going to put more money in our pockets,’” Delgado said.

“And Obamacare too. That’s also a related issue,” she added. “When jobs are not doing well – I’m sorry: the unemployment numbers are not what our government makes them out to be. We both know that real unemployment is like ten percent. How is it these same people are then expected to pay an average of 25 percent higher prices for Obamacare?”

“Americans just can’t afford to continue living under Democrat policies,” she declared, “especially Hillary Clinton, who’s far more radical than Barack Obama even, on issues like immigration that, by the way, are related to the economy because it drives down our wages and increases competition for jobs. But on trade deals, she’s even more radical than him.”

“I’m not exaggerating when I say this really does feel like it’s America’s last stand,” Delgado began her dramatic closing statement. “Whether it’s the Supreme Court, whether it’s our borders and the immigration that’s flooding us, we do not want to become like Germany. We don’t want to become like Europe. On those two issues alone, I don’t think you have a choice but to give everything you have today – get everyone you know out to vote – because I do feel as though if we do have Hillary Clinton in office, America as we know it is done.”

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