Exclusive — Trump Lawyer: Prosecution Seeks to ‘Stack the Deck Against’ Trump in Jury Selection

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (L) arrives at Manhattan Criminal Court for the se
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The prosecution in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial — at the hands of Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg — is attempting to “stack the deck” against Trump in the jury selection, “trying to find out if you have ever been involved in supporting President Trump at all over the years” but failing to ask the same questions about supporting President Joe Biden, Trump lawyer Jesse Binnall said during an interview on Breitbart News Daily.

Binnall, a Trump lawyer involved in the former president’s civil case and January 6 case, discussed the current criminal trial, as Bragg has charged Trump with 34 felonies, accusing him of falsifying business records.

Jury selection is different in every jurisdiction and in every case, Binnall said, explaining that in this case, they are “basing much of jury selection on these questionnaires that they’ve sent,” which “are very much in favor of the prosecution.”

“So for instance, these questionnaires ask a whole bunch of questions that are meant to weed out Trump supporters, but apparently they don’t have many questions that actually focus on who might be biased against President Trump,” he explained.

He provided examples, noting that the questionnaire asked if the respondents have ever attended a Trump rally or volunteered for Trump’s campaign. It does not end there, either.

“What media organizations do you get your news from, and, you know, looking for people who might be listening to talk radio, you know, watching cable news shows that might be seen as favoring President Trump, etc., etc. And they focused a lot of questions trying to find out if you have ever been involved in supporting President Trump at all over the years,” he said. “They don’t ask any questions if you’ve been involved in supporting President Biden, if you might have political bias and biases that show that you might want to convict President Trump in order to affect the presidential election as a juror.”


“As you’ve said, when you’re in a jurisdiction that was 85-15 Biden in 2020, that would be something that would be extremely important, and they just kind of whistle past the graveyard on that. So these jury questionnaires are — are very, very one-sided,” the Trump lawyer added, describing this as a “very large concern here.”


Further, he said Bragg’s office and Judge Merchan are “not likely to step them back on this.” But Binnall stressed that if there are just one or two jurors who actually give President Trump a fair trial, “then he’s going to be acquitted. .. And so they’re terrified of that.”

“And so they want to do everything they can at this point to stack the deck against President Trump,” he added.

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