WATCH: Chinese Dartmouth Student Rails Against Cultural Marxism


Breitbart Senior Editor MILO spoke at Dartmouth University tonight giving a speech titled “In Defence Of Hazing”, where a young Chinese student attacked Cultural Marxism in modern society.

The young Chinese man stood during the Q&A section of Milo’s event saying, “I actually want to read you something, I’m from China an actual socialist country and this is what the Chinese government said about political correctness. So this is an article translated by Google translate. ‘In the United States, the typical manifestation of cultural marxism is political correctness or multiculturalism, for many Americans political correctness is a vague term that refers to a series of scattered, unconnected views of freedom and novelty but lacking a unified character’”

“‘Although these views sometimes appear extreme, highly sensitive and even confusing but if careful observations [are made] of politically correct history, it will reveal a different face. Therefore, although sometimes cultural liberalism means it is more appropriate but a more accurate expression is cultural marxism. In fact political correctness is not a collection of contingent views, it is carefully arranged, a tax on Western civilisation. It’s main objectives, [undermine] the Christian faith and moral values, second is to ‘narrow’ white, especially white men. They are considered to be the source of most violence and exploitations in the world’”

“So it’s basically an academic article saying that political correctness and multiculturalism is threatening to destroy the west. So that’s what a socialist government thinks and so I’m very surprised that in a liberal America, the social justice left is repeating a lot of the arguments of North Korea or the 1960’s cultural revolution China.”

“My grandmother, she was one of the red guards in the 1960’s cultural revolution and what she did was land a couple of her professors in jail and they also had a lot of strong obsessions. And I’m so shocked by how the west does not learn from these history’s. Just a few days ago, Janice Fiamengo, this anti feminist professor at the University of Ottawa has just landed into a leftist kangaroo court at Ontario, Canada and she was accused of human rights violations. There was another professor, he was called Jordan Peterson,”

“He’s the one at Toronto, right?” Interjected MILO.

“Yes,” replied the student, “refusing to use gender identity pronouns got him landed in social justice. I’m so shocked that people don’t learn from these history’s in the west.”

“Well thank you very much for sharing,” said MILO as a round of applause boomed around the room for the young man, “I appreciate that, I had a young lady I think from Kuwait at one of my talks recently who,  I was talking about Islam and she said y’know, ‘if the progressives here are determined  to bring the culture I fled to the land I found and now love, they can see me outside for a good kicking’ and she’s someone that sort of fled an oppressive regime, came to America and discovered these martialed forced plotting to introduce the sort of authoritarianism and overthrow western values just like she’d seen where she came from, it’s always very powerful to hear from someone that is from one of these cultures sort of giving us a warning from elsewhere. I try to do it from Europe but it isn’t always sufficiently different culturally to make the point, I think that made the point very well for you all. So thank you very much for sharing.”

Watch MILO’s full talk below. 


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