Oklahoma City Best NBA Team for Buck

Oklahoma City Best NBA Team for Buck

The Oklahoma City Thunder has been ranked as the best NBA team for the buck, according to the new Forbes rankings

Here is how Forbes came up with their rankings:

To get our list, Forbes Sportsmoney gurus Kurt Badenhausen and Mike Ozanian crunched the numbers, looking at the “performance versus pay” ratios for the last three completed seasons. They counted playoff wins twice as heavily as regular-season ones. Player costs included spending on benefits, but not luxury tax payments. Each team’s yearly ratio of performance and pay was compared to the league median, then averaged for the last three seasons.

According to Forbes, Oklahoma City “boasts two of the most dynamic players in the league, with Kevin Durant (who won has won the last three NBA scoring titles) and Russell Westbrook, both of whom are only 24 years old.” 

The team’s players costs over the last three years have been the second-lowest in the league at an average of $58 million per season. Forbes concluded that it was not a surprise that the “Oklahoma City Thunder rank number one on our annual list of the best NBA teams for the buck. In terms of performance versus pay, Oklahoma City is a whopping 84% better than the league average.”