Radio Host Suspended for Criticizing Softball Player Analyzing Baseball for ESPN


On Tuesday night, Mike Bell, who co-hosts an Atlanta sports radio show, blistered Jessica Mendoza, the first woman to serve as an analyst on an MLB postseason game.

Mendoza covered the Yankees-Astros wild-card game, which the Astros won 3-0, when Bell tweeted:

Bell followed with a series of tweets outlining his position, as noted. Bell argued:

Really? A women’s softball slugger as guest analyst on MLB Wildcard Game? Once again ESPN too frigging cute for their own good.

You guys are telling me there isn’t a more qualified Baseball player ESPN can use than a softball player? Gimme a break!

@ShannanMEdwards my wife is stoked! she’s sending her resume to NBC to hopefully call the Daytona 500 since she occasionally speeds

@waynecheck this is beyond ridiculous. hell, any swinging d–k in a softball league is now qualified to work at ESPN.

The Atlanta Falcons, who broadcast on the same radio station as Bell, were apologetic, offering their own take:

Bell was suspended from his job on Wednesday afternoon, despite his apology, in which he stated, “What I said was hurtful and I want to take this opportunity to say to Jessica that what I said was dumb and hurtful and I apologize for putting that garbage on Twitter. I have reached out to ESPN so I can have the opportunity to speak with her and hopefully apologize to her in person.”