Loyal Seahawks Fan Sarah Palin Roots On Team While Media (Color) Rushes to Judgment

Sarah Palin attends Seattle Seahawks game on December 15, 2016

The lamestream media continue to blast conservatives at every turn, while glossing over the indiscretions of liberals. Even something as pedestrian as taking in a sporting event with family and friends is picked apart. While illegal servers, Benghazi, and eight years of usurping the Constitution seem to not matter much to most media outlets, the football-rooting interest of Sarah Palin is met with scrutiny and investigated with a fine-tooth comb.

This past Thursday, Sarah Palin attended the Thursday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks. Her husband Todd, as well as best-selling author Debbie Macomber and others accompanied the former Alaska governor at CenturyLink Field, to watch the NFC West tilt. Seems pretty pedestrian. But while the Seahawks wore “Action Green” uniforms as part of the NFL’s Color Rush, some in the media saw red over Palin daring to have an opinion on just about anything. It’s all part of the media’s continued unnecessary roughness.

For Palin’s part, she had a blast. She posted pictures all over social media. She even got to chat pre-game with Seattle assistant coach and fellow Idaho Vandal Tom Cable. Seemingly just a normal American woman enjoying the American spectacle that is pro football. But, the media pounced harder than the Legion of Boom.

Palin’s football fandom was questioned by the Seattle Times. The headline read ‘Sarah Palin is apparently a Seahawks fan and is in attendance for Thursday Night Football’. Well, they got one thing right. Palin was there. But, “apparently” a Seahawks fan? What is that about? So the woman who made up a Trump-fueled, anti-Muslim attack was instantly believable. Hillary Clinton’s countless lies were given a free pass. Yet, the same media just can’t fathom Governor Palin likes one of the 32 NFL franchises, particularly the one closest to her home. Got it.

In the piece, written by an author who bashes Trump and Palin repeatedly on Twitter, and printed in a pro-Obama and pro-Kaepernick paper, we can find the following passage, “More importantly: Is this a longterm infatuation, or is Palin just another bandwagoner?” Provacative stuff. Back in the old days, journalists used to actually find out the answers instead of just posing the questions. Very minimal digging could have given us the answer on Palin’s football leanings.

Not surprising, this same nonsensical piece jumped the gun on another part of the story, leading to a printed retraction. In the initial article, the Seattle Times reported Palin had a police escort to the game and tied up traffic. Untrue. The escort was for the Seahawks team bus. While the paper later admitted the mistake, thousands already read the erroneous report painting Palin as a privileged politician taking advantage of public servants for her own pleasure. She is nothing of the sort. She fights that garbage. The reporter should have verified this before the rag ran it, plain and simple. Like the OSU terrorist labeled a “gunman” by so many media outlets before they figured out he never had a gun, the Seattle Times jumped the gun on this one, hoping to take a shot at Palin.

As to the theory of Palin as a fairweather Johnson when it comes to her sports teams, think again. Palin is a huge sports fan. That trait runs in the family. Chuck Heath Sr., her dad, coached track. Palin’s brother, Chuck Jr. played football at Idaho. Todd Palin is a championship snow machine driver. Palin, herself, played on a state championship basketball team, known as ‘Sarah Barracuda’ for her tenacious defense. All of the Palin clan agree on a passion for athletics. The difference lies in NFL alliances.

Family ties to the Green Bay Packers go way back. Chuck Heath Sr. played high school football with Green Bay great Jerry Kramer in Sandpoint, Idaho. After graduation, Heath followed Kramer’s career with the Pack. Chuck Heath Jr. also became a Packer backer.

During the Seahawks 2013 Super Bowl run, the Palins showed their true colors. Governor Palin, Todd, and children Piper and Trig are card carrying members of the Seattle Seahawks Fan Club. Palin posted a picture online of their membership cards. So, while the Heaths bleed Green and Gold, the Palins prefer the College Navy, Action Green, and Wolf Grey of the Seahawks.

Now, to address our Seattle scribe’s allegations directly. Sarah Palin’s support of the Seahawks didn’t start with the club’s recent success. Back in 2008 when Palin ran for veep, she proudly proclaimed herself a Seahawker even with the team in the midst of a dreadful 4-12 campaign. Palin has rooted for the Hawks for a long time. A loyal bunch, those Palins.

Unlike Palin, many politicians change their sports affiliations as much as they waffle on the issues. Hillary Clinton is a Chicago Cubs fan when it helps her politically, then dons a New York Yankees cap the next day. Barack Obama suddenly became Mr. Chicago sports. Even though he grew up in Hawaii and didn’t hit Illinois until already an adult, Obama claims he’s a Bears, Bulls, and White Sox die-hard. The only thing that died hard was the first pitches Obama has thrown out over the last eight years. In mom jeans and all, Obama’s pitching style alone has proven his phoniness when it comes to sports. His infamous poor shooting performances included a 2-22 showing while trying to promote Obamacare and an 0-4 showing in front of kids during an Easter party. You want sports frauds? Here they are. Neither one is named Palin.

Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie have also stayed true to their squads. While Mayor of New York City, Giuliani was an outspoken Yankees fan, even though he presided over a city that the New York Mets also call home. Christie, who is a Mets fan, also loves the Dallas Cowboys. Despite being governor of New Jersey, the Jets, Giants, and Eagles lose out to Jerry Jones’ franchise. Not only Republicans stay true blue when it comes to sports. Ex-New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is a Mets guy. His stance on sugary drinks may be ridiculous but his honesty when it comes to baseball is admirable.

While it is only sports, it is also telling. If someone is so wishy washy about entertainment, why should they be trusted when it comes to serious topics? The media however continues to reward deceit and dishonesty while they attack those they despise no matter the situation.

False allegations of racism and sexism against Donald Trump were printed as fact. Wild lies about Palin have been printed as well. But, something so ridiculous as which team someone roots for is met with skepticism, all because those writing such trash are still so upset over Hillary’s epic loss.

In front of Palin and 69,066 others, the Seahawks clobbered the Rams and clinched a division crown, all while wearing jerseys and pants that looked radioactive. But those Color Rush unis don’t have anything on the poisonous venom the media still spews at Sarah Palin and freedom loving Americans everywhere.


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