Jilted Woman Uses Cowboys Tickets She Bought for Ex-Fiance’s Christmas Present

Matthew Stafford, David Irving, Benson Mayowa
The Associated Press
Dallas, TX

DALLAS, Dec. 27 (UPI) — A Texas woman is gaining viral attention after she used her ex-fiance’s Christmas gift — tickets to a Dallas Cowboys game — and detailed their breakup with a sign.

Austin resident Brenna Canton’s revenge on her ex went viral after she was photographed at Monday night’s game between the Cowboys and the Detroit Lions holding a sign explaining that her tickets had been intended as a gift for her fiance before he broke up with her via text message.

Clanton told the Dallas Morning News the late-October text message, which came only four months after they became engaged, claimed the couple had “nothing in common.”

“That threw me for a loop,” she said.

Clanton said the couple did share one big thing in common — they are both huge Cowboys fans. She said she bought tickets to Monday night’s game as a birthday gift for her fiance only one week before he sent the now-infamous text message.

Clanton attended Monday night’s game holding a homemade sign reading, “My fiance dumped me in a text message. He should have waited until after Christmas. #NothingInCommon #Ghosting #ESPN #MNF”

“I decided to have some fun with it, this was my little get-back to him,” she said. “I thought this might show up on the jumbotron or TV broadcast and I knew [my ex] would be watching the game.”

The sign went viral after it was photographed by Alex McDaniel, an editor for the Oxford Eagle, and posted to Twitter.

Clanton was given another reason to celebrate when the Cowboys beat the Lions 42-21.