ESPN Bringing Keith Olbermann Back to Anchor Special Edition ‘SportsCenter’

Keith Olbermann

ESPN has announced that it is bringing uber-liberal broadcaster Keith Olbermann back, despite the network’s claim that it isn’t politically liberal.

Olbermann is being tapped to guest anchor 20 special edition SportsCenter broadcasts at 11 PM (Eastern) to be aired throughout the rest of this year, according to The Wrap.

The combative Olbermann will also help man the broadcast booth for ESPN Radio’s broadcast of the New York Yankees-Houston Astros game on Memorial Day.

“Keith’s smart, creative perspective on the world of sports always informs and entertains fans,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN’s executive vice president. “His varied collection of ESPN appearances over the last several months has provided a great model for utilizing his distinctive voice, and this new agreement will extend his contributions even further.”

“Since we started this, my 6th separate tenure with ESPN, in January, I’ve found the variety of assignments to be most the fun and energizing of all my stints,” Olberman said in the press release. “Adding stuff like being a rookie 59-year old play-by-play guy, plus the Rip Van Winkle of ‘SportsCenter,’ only adds to the smorgasbord. Can’t wait, and at my age, I shouldn’t.”

Olbermann has been fired by multiple media outlets — including ESPN — usually over his volatile personality and his vitriolic left-wing proclamations. His mental state became so precarious that his venom-spitting antics even caused him to lose a YouTube channel where literally hundreds of fans watched his weekly attacks on President Donald Trump and Republicans.

Incendiary proclamations have been Olbermann’s stock and trade for at least two decades. He has variously called President Donald Trump a “pig,” insisted that Osama bin Laden didn’t do much damage to America, said the National Rifle Association is a terrorist group, and called all Trump voters “fascists” and “white supremacists.”

The mercurial broadcaster has also used his Twitter account to reel off one profanity-laden attack after another over the years.

Here are just a few examples:

Olbermann is so filled with hate for Trump that he even took after Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway for sitting on a White House couch with her feet up underneath her.

Naturally, Twitter users reminded the vapid Olbermann that there are plenty of photos of Barack Obama with his feet on the Oval Office’s famed Resolute Desk.

The sudden return to TV seems to run contrary to Olbermann’s announcement that he was “retiring” because he has “run out of things to say,” a claim delivered only last November.

For its part, ESPN continues to claim that it is not too liberal. But, rehiring a hater such as Keith Olbermann will not help the network beat back the perception that only liberals need apply.

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