Review: Ideal Conceal 9mm Smartphone Pistol

Ideal Conceal 9mm Smartphone Pistol
AWR Hawkins

Ideal Conceal’s latest self-defense venture is a totally concealable, two-shot 9mm pistol that looks like a smartphone.

On July 25, 2018, Breitbart News reported on Ideal Conceal’s .380 caliber smartphone pistol, the brainchild of Kirk Kjellberg.

We noted that the main difference between Kjellberg’s pistol and a smartphone is that the former fires two rounds for self-defense while the latter only allows you to dial 911 after you have been attacked.

Breitbart News noted that the .380 smartphone pistol was easy to deploy — the handle folds down quickly, and the target acquisition was quite natural — and having two .380 rounds offers a genuine means of self-defense.

Kiellberg’s pistol has been upgraded to 9mm, and while the .380 smartphone pistol was only available in black, the 9mm is available with an American flag design or the Back the Blue police flag.

The smartphone 9mm pistol deploys identically to the .380: just pull down the handle and it is ready to go. Pull the trigger once and the pistol fires a single round of 9mm. Pull the trigger again and the second round is fired.

The Ideal Conceal Smartphone 9mm pistol is an up-close-and-personal firearm which we found consistently accurate on targets 15 ft. and closer. Presumably 15 ft. is actually a greater distance than would exist between an attacker and a would-be victim anyway.

One thing to note on the Ideal Conceal Smartphone 9mm is that the gun is not designed to fire +P ammo. We fired only 9mm FMJ rounds out of the pistol we tested, but DOUBLETAP Ammunition’s 124 grain standard pressure 9mm JHP ammo is a solid option as well.

The Ideal Conceal Smartphone 9mm pistol  is American made and carries a MSRP of $724.00.

AWR Hawkins is an award-winning Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and the writer/curator of Down Range with AWR Hawkinsa weekly newsletter focused on all things Second Amendment, also for Breitbart News. He is the political analyst for Armed American Radio and a Turning Point USA Ambassador. Follow him on Instagram: @awr_hawkins. Reach him at You can sign up to get Down Range at


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