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PINKERTON: Trump Highlights Health Itself, Not Just Health Insurance

Appropriate for a new president with a bold agenda, a new chapter in healthcare policy is beginning. And, of course, an old chapter is closing. The new chapter is about health. The old chapter was about health insurance—and there’s a difference. As argued here at Breitbart many times, health and health insurance are not the same thing. Both health and health insurance are important, but the first is obviously prior to the second.


PINKERTON: Your Money or Your Life — Fighting Over Obamacare vs. Fighting for Medical Cures

Where is it written that “healthcare policy” has to be defined only as “health insurance”? Instead of focusing exclusively on health insurance, perhaps Republicans could embrace a broader agenda: focus on health. They could put more emphasis on the science of cures and treatment, and less on the politics of insurance and reimbursement.


PINKERTON: Trump Lays Down the Law to Big Pharma, Embraces the Cure Strategy

President Donald Trump made big news on January 31, when he met in the White House with top pharmaceutical company executives. Or at least he deserved to make big news, because the issues he raised in the West Wing’s Roosevelt Room will prove to be central to the health, and wealth, of every American.