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Texas Sheriff Seizes Guns, Roosters in Suspected Cartel-Connected Meth House

An East Texas sheriff seized drugs, guns, roosters, and dogs during a pre-dawn raid of a rundown house with possible connections to a Mexican drug cartel. The seizures followed the discovery of drugs being smuggled to county jail inmates performing outside-the-jail work duties.ates on outside work tasks.

San Jacinto County Sheriff's Office deputies raid drug house believed to be connected to a Mexican drug cartel. (Photo: Scott Engle/Montgomery County Police Reporter)

TRUMP: Deporting MS-13 Is Cheaper than Jailing Them

“Who the hell wants to take care of them?,” President Donald Trump told graduates of the FBI National Academy while speaking about the MS-13 transnational criminal gang. During his speech in Quantico, Virginia, the commander-in-chief said it was cheaper to deport the hyper-violent gang members than to jail them.


5 Mexican Cartel Bosses Who Were Caught Hiding in Texas

Mexican cartel bosses have a history of seeking a safe haven in the United States in an apparent effort to avoid dying at the hands of their rivals or having to shoot it out with Mexican military forces. U.S. law enforcement officers arrested several key cartel bosses after they sought refuge in Texas.

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Prensa Estadounidense Ignora Nexos de EPN y Carteles

Los medios de comunicación de Estados Unidos parecen haber olvidado que el Cártel de Juárez y múltiples actos de corrupción han estado relacionados con la elección del actual presidente mexicano, Enrique Peña Nieto. Los lazos del presidente mexicano con los cárteles, la misteriosa liberación de la cárcel de importantes figuras del cártel durante su presidencia y el hecho de que las regiones de México están bajo control operacional de estas organizaciones paramilitares transnacionales rara vez, si sucede, se reporta en Estados Unidos. El escandaloso número de periodistas que han sido asesinados o que simplemente han desaparecido en el México de Peña Nieto también es rara vez reportado.

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Our Open Border Brings More Cruelty for Migrants

Border patrol agents in Tucson, Arizona, arrested more human smugglers attempting to traffic illegal migrants in the trunks of vehicles. There have been two such incidents in the last several days. On April 16, a driver attempted to avoid detection at

Our Open Border Brings More Cruelty for Migrants

Arizona Militia Members Charged with Stealing Cartel Cocaine and Cash

Three members of an Arizona militia have been indicted for allegedly stealing cocaine and cash from drug smugglers. Border bandits and rip crews are nothing new along Arizona’s border with Mexico. These are individuals akin to pirates—drug traffickers who steal loads from other smugglers on the US side of the border so they don’t have to run the risk of physically transporting the drugs from Mexico. Conflicts often arise during these rip-offs (Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a rip crew in December 2010), but rarely do the identities of bandits shock US law enforcement.

Arizona Militia

News Outlets Continue to Erroneously Hype Mexican Cartel

Online publications continue to erroneously hype a violent Mexican cartel by claiming that it is the most powerful such organization in the world, even though the top security agencies in the U.S. and Mexico have already dismissed those claims.

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Human Smugglers Thrive With Help of U.S. Banks

Hundreds of thousands of immigrants enter the US illegally across our southwest border every year with the help of coyotes, more formally known as human smugglers. Making this journeys isn’t cheap, and can set a migrant back anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 depending on his or her circumstances. As a result, gangs are making upwards of $10 billion per year according to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime. Worse yet, Bloomberg Markets magazine will be reporting in its February issue that these profits are rolling in with the assistance of several U.S. banks.

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Mexican Politician Formally Charged In Case of 43 Missing Students

A jailed Mexican politician and his wife have now been formally charged with kidnapping for their alleged role in ordering the disappearance of 43 education students in Mexico who were taken by police officers and then executed by cartel members.

Missing Students in Mexico (Reuters)

Eight Mexican Cartel Operatives Ran Atlanta Meth Ring

Eight operatives of a Mexican drug cartel were sentenced to U.S. federal prison for their role in running a Methamphetamine distribution ring in Atlanta, Georgia. Court records don’t specify which drug cartel the group belonged to, but most of the

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