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WATCH: Antifa, Proud Boys Clash on Portland Streets with Explosives, Weapons

Chaos broke out on the streets of Portland on Sunday afternoon as Antifa and Proud Boys clashed in open combat. Video tweeted by multiple journalists shows the violence breaking out between the two groups while Portland Police carried out their promise to not interfere or intervene.

Antifa and Proud Boys clash in Portland streets. (Twitter video screenshot)

WATCH: Antifa Allegedly Stabs 4 Trump Supporters in Washington, D.C

Tweeted videos show an Antifa protester allegedly stabbing Trump supporters in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night. Additional videos show the man being captured by police after the Trump supporters retaliated and took him to the ground. Reports indicate four stabbing victims were transported to local hospitals.

Proud Boys tend to stabbing victim during DC protest. (Twitter Video Screenshot/@elaadeliahu)

Protesters Target Suburbs in Washington State

Antifa protesters took to the streets of two Washington State suburban communities Saturday night. The black bloc protesters (wearing all black) were on the streets of the Seattle suburbs of Bellvue and Bainbridge Island.

Protesters in black bloc take to streets of Seattle suburbs. (Twitter Video )Screenshot/Katie Daviscourt)

Portland to Mark Police Helmets with Prominent ID Numbers

The Portland Police Bureau will clearly mark police officers’ helmets for identification, the city’s mayor announced. Mayor Ted Wheeler said a number will be “prominently displayed on officers’ helmets during crowd management events.” Mayor Wheeler tweeted on Friday: The Portland

A Portland police officer pushes back protesters, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2020, in Portland. The protests, which began over the killing of George Floyd, often result frequent clashes between protesters and law enforcement. (AP Photo/John Locher)

Photos: Texas Boat Rally for Trump

Nearly 75 East Texas boaters and their passengers rallied on Lake Livingston on Saturday for President Donald Trump’s re-election. Event organizers called the rally a “HUGE” success despite the choppy waters created by pre-Tropical Storm Beta winds.   Posted by

Trump Boat Parade on Lake Livingston. (Photo: Lana Shadwick/Breitbart Texas)

Texas County Requests Help from State Troopers After Austin Defunds Police

A Texas county called for law enforcement reinforcements from Governor Greg Abbott after the Austin City Council cut its police department budget by one-third. The county judge from Williamson County said the $150 million budget cut to the Austin Police Department by the city council places Austin officers and their families “in great peril.” Part of Austin extends into Williamson County.

Protesters rally around Austin Police Department headquarters calling for defunding of police. (File Photo: KUT/University of Texas)

Antifa Protesters Charged with Looting Target Store in Texas

Prosecutors in Travis County, Austin, Texas, charged three protesters affiliated with the leftist anti-government effort known as Antifa with looting a Target store. The alleged looting by the anarchists occurred during George Floyd protests on May 31 in the Texas capital city.

Austin Target Vandalized

George Floyd Protesters Vandalize, Deface Texas Capitol

Photos taken at the Texas Capitol on Saturday show protestors vandalizing the historical building and State grounds. The incidences occurred as George Floyd protesters turned violent in the capital city.

Texas Capitol vandalized during George Floyd protest on May 30. (Photo: Twitter/Josh Head)

Watch: Piles of Bricks Showing Up in Downtown Dallas During Protest

Protest observers in Dallas saw multiple piles of bricks in areas where there is no reported construction. One of those locations is said to be near the Dallas County Courthouse. The Dallas Chief of Police reported nearly being hit by a thrown brick during a protest.

Protest observer notes a random stack of bricks near the Dallas County Courthouse with no construction projects in sight. (Video Screenshot: Ruben Lael)

Armed Texans Defend Alamo from Potential Rioters

Armed Texans placed themselves at the Alamo Cenotaph Saturday afternoon in advance of George Floyd protests in San Antonio, Texas. Protesters defaced the monument early Friday with downward-facing arrows placed next to the statements “white supremacy,” “profit over People” and

San Antonio Police Department Senior Crime Scene Investigator Robert Rackley collects evidence at the site where the Alamo Cenotaph was vandalised with spray paint in San Antonio, Friday, May 29, 2020. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

PHOTOS: Texas Tornado Leaves 3 Dead, Dozens Injured

POLK COUNTY, Texas — A killer tornado ripped through the lakefront community of Onalaska Wednesday night, leaving a trail of destruction that stretched for miles. By morning, Polk County officials reported three deaths, dozens of injuries, and the devastation of multiple neighborhoods.

A young boy stares out the window of one of the only rooms left in his home after a deadly tornado tore it apart. (Photo: Lana Shadwick/Breitbart Texas)

Texas Deputy ‘Ambushed’ During ‘Routine Traffic Stop,’ Say Police

A man stepped out of his car near the end of a “routine traffic stop” and ambushed a Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy on Friday afternoon. The execution of Deputy Sandeep Dahliwal came as he returned to his car after a pleasant conversation with the driver, officials stated. Dahliwal later died from his wounds.

Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal talks with a young boy at a memorial at the scene of the August 2015 rutal murder of fellow Deputy Darren Goforth. (Breitbart Texas Photo: Lana Shadwick)

Midland-Odessa Shooter Used AR-15, Say Police — History of Evading Police

Police in Odessa, Texas, say a gunman armed with an AR-15 style rifle killed seven people and injured 22 others in a shooting rampage that began after a routine traffic stop on Saturday afternoon. Police say the shooter, whose name they released privately to media, acted alone in the shooting. He has a criminal record that includes evading police.

A helicopter view of the final shooting scene where police shot and killed the Midland-Odessa Shooter. (Image: Video Screenshot)

20 Dead, 26 Wounded in El Paso Walmart Shooting — Single Shooter in Custody

Police in El Paso, Texas, report 20 people died in a shooting at an area Walmart store Saturday morning. Earlier in the day, officials walked back their multi-shooter and gang-related terrorism statements. Officials say one suspect is in custody. El Paso police called an alleged manifesto a “potential nexus to a hate crime.”

El Paso Walmart Shooting