Veterans of Foreign Wars Commander: I Stand for Our Flag and Anthem

The commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars, the nation’s largest and oldest combat veterans organization, on Monday spoke out against National Football League players kneeling during the national anthem at nationally broadcast football games.

The NFL said in a statement Tuesday that Twitter would stream the 10 Thursday Night Football games, which would also be available on broadcast networks and the league's own NFL Network

Pluses and Minuses to Consider with Another NFL Team in Texas

Not since 1985 has San Antonio enjoyed a professional football team within its immediate media market. If the Oakland Raiders have their way, the Alamo City could be competing with Las Vegas for Texas’ third franchise, at the expense of local taxpayers according to a Breitbart Texas interview with Stanford University economics professor Roger Noll.

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Albany Police File Charges In Latest Black Lives Matter Hoax

The claims of the three black women that they were the victims of a white racial assault quickly became a cause célèbre for the Black Lives Matter movement, including high profile BLM activist DeRay McKesson. At the time, celebrities like rapper Wacka Flocka took to Twitter to cry out for justice for the students.