Plumber Sues After His Old Truck Shows Up In Islamic State Propaganda


A Texas plumbing service that traded in its truck later spotted it being used elsewhere, with the plumber’s marketing decals still boldly printed on the side. This might have been some great free promotion, except there was a spanner in the works: the truck was carrying an anti-air gun. For ISIS.

Terrorists tweeted a picture of the vehicle with an AA gun installed in the back, proudly displaying “Mark-1 Plumbing” and a phone number on the driver-side door. Journalists are yet to get a handle on where exactly the truck was photographed but it’s understood to be somewhere in Syria.

The plumbers have taken the plunge and are suing the Ford dealership where they traded in their vehicle after it was put on auction, shipped to Turkey, and eventually seen in Islamic State-controlled territory.

What a drain on their time the whole affair has been. The firm were instructed to leave preparing the vehicle for resale to the dealership. But the deal turned out to be a busted flush: now, Mark-1 Plumbing is the most well-known American plumbing service among jihadists and ISIS-watchers.

Mark-1 claims that the attention this incident has received has put its reputation through the wringer. The colour drained from their faces as they saw their old truck on the finale of The Colbert Report. (The late night Comedy Central demographic is very brand-aware.) To top it off, Colbert’s Emmy nomination featured that same footage on screen during the ceremony.

The suit alleges that when trading in the vehicle, Mark-1 was prevented from peeling their information from the side, because it could potentially damage the paint. Vinyl can pull paint away, you see — especially if you faucet.

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