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Trans Student to MILO: ‘You’re Not Gay Anymore’, ‘You Have Never Been One of Us’


A transgender student at UC Berkeley has penned an open letter to Breitbart’s MILO declaring that when he arrives to give a talk at the university, protesters will be “waiting here to strip you of your gay identity.”

Neil Lawrence, a female to male transgender student, opens her column for The Daily Californian by saying that she “ought to sue” MILO for “misleading the public,” saying that the “world is full of very dangerous faggots, but you are not one of them.”

Lawrence adds that although she suffers from “terrible period cramps,” she’s a “bigger fag than you’ll ever be,” adding that she is “probably a better top than you.”

“I’ve hated you for a long time — being compared to you by some commenter on my column sent me into a rage for several hours — but the stunt you pulled against that young woman in Milwaukee was the last fucking straw,” she continues.

The stunt in question was when MILO called out a transgender student who had been forcing his way into men’s bathrooms under the guise of being a woman at UC Milwaukee. The student later left the university.

“When you get here on Feb. 1, we will be waiting here to strip you of your gay identity. You can have sex with all the men you want, but you’re not gay anymore. You’ve used your sexual orientation as an excuse to spit bile and galvanize cowards for long enough. Put your badge and gun on my desk. The community rejects you. You have never been one of us,” Lawrence said.

“You never should have booked this UC tour, Milo. But you want to come to my town? I say, welcome to Berkeley, motherfucker. I’m the meanest gay on this coast. I was assigned to raise hell at birth. You come through me,” she continued.

Technology entrepreneur Peter Thiel, who endorsed Donald Trump’s candidacy, also had his event cut short whilst delivering a keynote at UC Berkeley, as protestors stormed the venue.

LGBT activists have also claimed that Thiel, who is openly gay, cannot be a real homosexual due to his support for president-elect Trump.

MILO’s visit to UC Berkeley will take place Wednesday, February 1.

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