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Woke Slapfight: Stanford Professor Threatens to Call Police on Berkeley Prof Who Exposed Her $5,000 per Hour Consulting Fee

A woke Stanford professor threatened to call the police on a Berkeley professor who exposed her $5,000 per hour consulting fee, according to a report by the Stanford Review, the student-run newspaper that serves Stanford University. The Berkeley prof fired back, saying: “Public advisory: don’t call the cops on black people for no reason. Black people disagreeing with you on Twitter is not a crime.”

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California Auditors: UC Berkeley ‘Failed to Establish’ Culture Based on Merit

A recent audit conducted by the state of California revealed that the University of California accepted at least 64 students due to their connections to university staff or donors over more qualified applicants. The majority of the applicants chosen for their connections were found at UC Berkeley, which the state auditors accused of failing to “establish a campus culture that values commitment to an admissions process based on fairness and applicants’ merits and achievements.” 

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Six Cases of Wikipedia Editors Smearing President Trump

Just as the corporate media have been smearing Donald Trump since he launched his successful run for the presidency, editors on Wikipedia have done the same. This has included a college professor at the beginning of Trump’s term pushing students to add attacks on the President, editors placing mocking or incendiary articles about him on the site’s front page, equating Trump with the Nazis, and advancing the Russian collusion and Ukraine “quid pro quo” smears that have dominated his Administration.

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UC Berkeley Announces $24 Million Donation to Help ‘Historically Marginalized’ Students

UC Berkeley announced this week that it has accepted a $24 million donation from the former chairman of Levi Strauss & Co. that will be earmarked to cover tuition costs for students from low-income families. A press release published on Monday claims that the gift will help increase the number of students from groups that have been “historically marginalized” by universities and colleges.

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Police Arrest Man for Murder of UC Berkeley Student

The Berkeley Police Department has made an arrest in the case of UC Berkeley student Seth Smith, who was shot in the back of the head on June 15. 60-year-old Tony Walker was arrested on Thursday by Berkeley police on suspicion of murder.

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UC Berkeley Kicks Students Off Campus to Reduce Power Consumption

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has urged UC Berkeley to reduce its power consumption during the afternoon to protect the state’s electrical grid. UC Berkeley officials have asked students to power down their residence halls and leave campus at 3:00 pm each day. Even the prestigious university’s science labs are being asked to delay work until after 8:00 pm due to the state’s power crisis.

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UC Berkeley History Department: Criticism of BLM ‘Goes Against Our Values’

The history department at UC Berkeley condemned an open letter allegedly penned by a professor for its criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement. The anonymous letter criticized UC Berkeley faculty for failing to cultivate an environment that can tolerate criticism of social justice movements. According to the history department, criticism of Black Lives Matter “goes against our values.”

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