Tom Ciccotta: Since the Election, College Faculty Say ‘We Don’t Like This Free Speech Thing’

wheeler and Ciccotta on One America News Network
One America News Network

Breitbart News journalist Tom Ciccotta appeared on the One America News Network recently to discuss free speech on college campuses in America.

Tom Ciccotta appeared on the One America News Network with Liz Wheeler to discuss the current issues being found on American college campuses and the approach some college professors have begun taking to the concept of free speech. Discussing an op-ed in the Washington Post written by Jennifer Delton, a history professor at Skidmore College who claimed in her article that free speech absolutism is a bad idea.

“Tom listen, I love when college professors are as honest,” said Liz Wheeler addressing Ciccotta, “perhaps accidentally as honest, like professor Delton here, she literally said conservatives should not be afforded their right to free speech because they use it to, what she thinks, instigates violence although I certainly haven’t seen that.”

Tom replied, “Yeah, we’re starting to see that, there’s been a number of incidents this week, several incidents at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where administrators are actually being, like you said, more explicit with their beliefs about the rights that students should have to speak and not to speak and to participate in activism events. It’s actually interesting that we’re seeing the tides turning now, now that Trump has been elected these faculty members are coming out and saying ‘look we don’t like this free speech thing’ and this article we saw in the Washington Post, she basically said ‘free speech absolutism, that’s not for us, that shouldn’t be what college campuses are all about’ so it is quite concerning but it is I guess kind of nice that they’re being a little bit more honest about the way they’re approaching this topic.”

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