Court Seals Documents for Google in James Damore Case


Google has filed a motion in court to seal documents pertaining to James Damore’s class-action lawsuit against them, arguing that the documents were causing their employees to be “harassed.” In response, the court has agreed to seal the records for two months. Google is also branding critics of their far-left diversity policies as “alt-right” according to Damore’s attorney.

“They have sealed it for a two-month period, believe it or not.” said Harmeet Dhillon, the attorney representing Damore and the other plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit documents, which can still be accessed via Dhillon’s website, have been a source of multiple news stories about Google. Most recently, Breitbart News reported on new evidence published in the latest filing, which shows that Google cautions its managers against rewarding the values of “white-male dominant culture,” including “individual achievement” and “objectivity.” The documents also show that Google has failed to discipline employees who threatened their co-workers for holding differing points of view.

Now Google is trying to have this embarrassing material shut off from the public.

“They called up the court and they said ‘some of our employees are being harassed, we want to bring a motion to seal this entire lawsuit.’ The court has sealed it for two months. For two months now, the public is not going to be able to go to the [court] and read that.”

“Google is too big to fail, too powerful to be questioned,” said Dhillon. “In the face of our lawsuit, they simply describe all criticism of their race-baiting and racial gerrymandering as alt-right criticism.”

Asking why Republicans are “defending Google,” Dhillon explained the extent of corruption in D.C.

“The very crass reason is that Google spreads the money around both sides. Google very carefully spreads the money around in the media as well, and in non-profits as well. They are really ubiquitous and everywhere.”

“As a result, people know which side their bread is buttered [on], and there are very few principled people who say ‘you know what, I don’t want to take your money Google, I’m going to criticize you, and I’m going to be objective about it.'”

Google boasts of its commitment to transparency. From their website:

We believe in the empowering and democratizing effect of putting information in the hands of everyone, everywhere. We started nearly two decades ago with the goal of organizing the world’s information and making it universally useful and accessible.

It seems the same principles do not apply to information that exposes the company’s own wrongdoing.

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