Actress Tara Strong Posts Video Harassing Immigrant Conservative Uber Driver

Actress Tara Strong, who posted a video of herself harassing an Uber driver
Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Actress Tara Strong, a prominent activist for the Democratic Party, posted a video of herself along with fellow actress Rena Sofer harassing a conservative immigrant Uber driver, before deleting the tweet.

In the video, the two actresses and the Uber driver are heard arguing over politics, before Strong and Sofer call him “Trump’s mouthpiece,” and seemingly allege that he isn’t a real American, while the Uber driver calls the passengers “racist.”

“We are in America,” declared the driver at one stage in the video, prompting the two actresses to laugh and reply, “We are Americans. We were born here.”

“I’m American too, I’m a citizen,” the driver responded.

In the video, which can be viewed below after being reposted following the original’s deletion, Strong and Sofer also threaten to report the Uber driver to his employer and have him fired, taunting, “I’m so excited to send this video to your boss… You will be fired.”

“Hey @realDonaldTrump 1 of your crazy sycophant followers, an @Uber driver almost killed @RenaSofer & when he found out we’re Democrats,” claimed Strong on Twitter following the incident. “He shouted your vile hatred that #Soros paid for the #caravan & that #transgender is a mental disorder,his neighbor @benshapiro told him so too.”

After Strong uploaded the video, she received criticism from other users who accused her of racism and “hatred.”

Strong and Sofer defended themselves on Twitter.

In response the incident, Uber claimed it would “take a closer look.”

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