Report: U. of Oklahoma Prof Compares ‘Ok, Boomer’ Meme to ‘N-word’

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Students at the University of Oklahoma claim that one of their professors compared the “Ok, Boomer” meme to the “n-word.” Students claim that the professor used the racial slur during a class discussion when he made the comparison.

According to a report by the University of Oklahoma student newspaper, journalism professor Peter Gade is facing intense scrutiny from students and staff after he reportedly used a racial slur during a classroom discussion.

During a conversation about changes in the journalism field, one student suggested that Gade’s approach to journalism was outdated.

Gade then called on a student who said journalists have to keep up with the younger generations as they continue to change. Gade said the student’s comment was the equivalent of saying “OK, boomer” to him.

The class broke into light laughter but was interrupted by Gade’s next comment.

“Calling someone a boomer is like calling someone a n—–,” Gade said.

Dean Ed Kelley the University of Oklahoma claims that Gade had never been accused of using inappropriate language in the classroom during his 20-year tenure at the university.

Kelley told the student newspaper that the university is conducting an investigation into Gade’s alleged remarks. University officials plan to interview students about what they heard during the discussion in Gade’s class.

“We wanted to hear from (the students) exactly, not only what was said, but in the context what was said. And then just importantly, their reaction to what was said,” Kelley said in a comment. “We also are going to reach out today and try to talk to the African American students who are in the class … We want to get their perspective as well, if they want to share with us, and they don’t have to.”

A black student organization at the University of Oklahoma tweeted its response to the incident on Tuesday. The group argued that the university should permit students to remove themselves from Gade’s class if they were offended by his alleged remarks.

“We do not condone or accept this behavior from any member of the OU community regardless of occupation or student status,” the group wrote in a short Twitter thread. “This will not be tolerated or accepted and we expect full action be taken against the professor and college. In addition, we expect accommodation be made for the students who have experienced trauma because of this.”

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