Lawsuit: U. of North Texas Prof Fired for Saying ‘Microaggressions’ Are ‘Garbage’

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Ina Fassbender / AFP / Getty

A professor at the University of North Texas claims in a lawsuit filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom that he was fired for saying that “microaggressions” are “garbage.” A “microaggression,” in the language of left-wing academia, is a small and often unintentional slight that allegedly contains prejudicial judgments.

According to a report by The College Fix, Professor Nathaniel Hiers of the University of North Texas claims in a lawsuit that he was fired from his position as a full-time math professor over his criticism of the concept of “microaggressions.”

Breitbart News reported in 2019 that Columbia University professor Derald Sue, who helped to popularize the concept of “microaggressions,” is now arguing that the concept was being abused by leftist academics. “Not everything is a microaggression,” Sue said.

When Hiers encountered a stack of materials in the faculty lounge that explained the importance of ridding society of “microaggressions,” he placed them on a nearby chalkboard. On top of the stack, Hiers wrote, “Don’t leave this garbage laying around.”

Shortly thereafter, Hiers was fired by the University of North Texas. After Hiers was informed of the decision, he asked a university official to explain why they decided to terminate him. Hiers claims the official gave him a list of reasons, with each reason relating to Hiers’ criticism of “microaggressions.”

“When Dr. Hiers asked for a reason, Defendant Schmidt gave several, all related to Dr. Hiers’ critique of ‘microaggressions.’ He said it was because Dr. Hiers refused to recant his beliefs, because he would not attend additional diversity training, and because ‘[his] actions and response are not compatible with the values of this department,'” the lawsuit reads.

Hiers, who is represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, has argued in the ongoing lawsuit that the University of North Texas, a public institution, violated his First Amendment rights when they terminated him for his personal expression.

“By conditioning Dr. Hiers’ employment at the University on his willingness to surrender his constitutional rights, Defendants have imposed and are imposing an unconstitutional condition on him in violation of his First Amendment rights,” the lawsuit adds.

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