Airlines Will Allow Passengers on Boeing 737 Max Flights to Reschedule for Free

Boeing unveils fix to flight system after deadly crashes

Airlines will reportedly allow their passengers scheduled to fly on a Boeing 737 Max aircraft to reschedule their flight at no cost. The FAA announced this week that the 737 Max fleet is permitted to return to the airways after a 20-month hiatus that was prompted by two fatal crashes due to multiple safety deficiencies.

According to a report by CNBC, airline passengers will be permitted to change their flight for free if they are booked on a Boeing 737 Max jet. Several airlines have already announced that they will offer free flight changes to customers that are uncomfortable flying in a 737 Max airplane.

The FAA announced on Wednesday that the 737 Max fleet is officially approved for a return to the air. The fleet was grounding by aviation authorities around the world after two fatal crashes that claimed the lives of all passengers and crew on board.

Some customers are have already decided that they will avoid the 737 Max fleet. “I’d change my ticket or make the reservation over the phone to make sure I’m not flying on a Max. In fact, I don’t want to fly any Boeing planes any more, and now I spend time researching routes on travel enthusiast websites and forums to find airlines that fly Airbus or other planes on flights I need to take,” one frequent flyer said.

However, some travelers aren’t against flying on the 737 Max planes. “Flying is a commodity. I’ll fly on whatever the cheapest ticket gets me,” another flyer said. “Flying is still significantly safer than driving, even on that particular plane.”

Breitbart News reported last week that Boeing sold zero airplanes in the month of October. The company’s sales have plummeted in the aftermath of the 737 Max and coronavirus crises. Despite the economic hardship imposed by the pandemic, European competitor Airbus received 11 new orders in October.

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