Report: Microsoft Insiders Call Bill Gates an ‘Office Bully’ Pursuing Sexual Affairs

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A recent report from Business Insider alleges that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was an office bully who pursued sexual affairs and that his wholesome public image was the result of an excellent PR team.

In a recent report, Business Insider alleges that the public image many have of Bill Gates as an affable, nerdy, tech genius is actually part of a well-crafted PR campaign. The real Gates reportedly pursues extramarital affairs with employees and acts as an office bully, according to former executives who spoke out anonymously.

Business Insider reports:

Gates was known for swearing and berating underlings. “That’s the stupidest fucking idea I’ve ever heard” became a catchphrase for the CEO. He kept tabs on employees by memorizing their license plates. Gates tried to dilute Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen’s equity in the company because he was “unproductive” while dealing with his first bout of cancer, Allen wrote in his memoir.

The report also includes details of Gates’ various extramarital relationships including his annual vacation with an ex-girlfriend, the software entrepreneur Ann Winblad whom he would spend a long weekend together with every spring at Winblad’s beach cottage in North Carolina.

The Microsoft founder broke work and personal boundaries, too, The New York Times reported. Once, after attending a presentation given by a female Microsoft employee in 2006, he asked her out to dinner by email. “If this makes you uncomfortable, pretend it never happened,” Gates wrote in the email obtained by The Times.

On another occasion, Gates asked a Gates Foundation employee on a date while they were at a cocktail party in New York. “I want to see you. Will you have dinner with me?” he asked her in a low voice, the woman told The Times.

Gates now ex-wife Melinda was also initially an employee at Microsoft when Gates first asked her out. Melinda worked as a product manager at the company in 1987 and Gates reportedly flirted with her at a conference dinner when they first met, a few months later they ran into each other in a parking lot and Gates asked her to dinner.

Now, as the couple goes through a major divorce more details about the billionaire are coming to light.

Read more at Business Insider here.

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