Video Shows Dramatic Rescue of Woman and Dog in Louisiana Flood

Woman rescued from flooded car
WAFB CBS9 Video Screenshot

The dramatic rescue of a Baton Rouge woman and her little dog by volunteer rescuers was captured on video. The woman and her dog were pulled from her car after it was completely submerged.

The video begins as three men pull up to a sinking red convertible. A woman’s voice could be heard from inside the car that was about to go completely underwater, WAFB CBS9’s Brian Tynes reported.

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Following a very brief conversation, the woman can be heard to say, “Oh my God, I’m drowning.” The video shows the men frantically trying to break the glass of the passenger window.

Several attempts to break the glass were unsuccessful. As the cabin area of the car became completely submerged, one of the men used the steel bar to rip a hole in the convertible’s top. He then jumped into the water and ripped open a hole for the woman to escape through.

He appears to struggle with the woman for a moment and then pulls her arm above the water line as the car disappears from sight. “Get my dog,” she yells, “Get my dog! Get my dog now!”

The man briefly goes under water and emerges with the little white dog in his hands. The video cuts off as the trio begins to swim back to the boat.

Drowning in cars during flash flood events is the cause of a large number of deaths across the county. Eight people drowned in one night in Houston during flooding caused from massive rains, Breitbart Texas reported in April.

In response to the drowning deaths across the country, ABC News teamed up with the Indiana State Police to produce a video to show people how to escape from a flooding car. In the very limited time available to escape, officers recommend that you immediately take off your seat belt, open or break a window, grab any children or disabled people, and escape through the open window.

People had previously been taught to wait for the car to fill with water to equalize the pressure. University of Manitoba professor Dr. Gordon Geisbrecht says that doesn’t give you enough time to escape and recommends immediate action. He tells drivers to remember four quick steps, “Seat belts, Windows, Children, Out.”

Special tools are available online to make it easy to cut your seatbelt if necessary and break out the windows of the vehicle. As seen in the Baton Rouge incident, breaking the window can be a very difficult task without the proper tool.

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