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Anything For a Buck: MTV Documentary Jeopardizes Saudi Kids


Whether we’re talking about college professors encouraging students to go to the West Bank and lie down in front of Israeli bulldozers or now MTV encouraging young people in Saudi Arabia to “Resist the Power” (potentially at great personal peril), there is a constant: liberals who manipulate children into engaging in protests are cowards.

The one-hour “Resist the power, Saudi Arabia” documentary was part of a program called “True Life.” The documentary was filmed in Jeddah, where the producers and cast met with a number of young Saudis who spoke about elements of the Saudi lifestyle that bothered them. The majority of Saudis who watched the video was offended and said it was a major insult to their traditions and customs.

The producers and crew contracted by MTV took their footage back to the U.S. for post-production long before the program aired. The young Saudis in the show are now subject to whatever harsh punishments their countrymen come up with (including imprisonment and/or hundreds of lashes):

SAUDI Arabia’s religious police are trying to bring to court three Saudi youths for challenging the kingdom’s austere lifestyle on an MTV reality show.

An official at the Jeddah court confirmed the filing of the lawsuit for the crime of “openly declaring sin” and said it would take at least one week for the Islamic sharia court to decide whether to proceed with a trial or dismiss the case.

I hope it was worth the advertising dollars for MTV.


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