Mediaite Compares Mentally Disabled to Neanderthals?


I honestly had no other conclusion to reach after reading Frances Martel’s latest, wherein she compares Glenn Beck mocking David Carr’s “Real Time” comments to the behavior of a mentally disabled person.

Except Beck’s imitation of Neanderthal wasn’t so much ape-like but downright… disabled. He was fairly plainly, amid the twitching and bizarre facial expressions, behaving like someone with a serious mental deficiency- which, in some sense, made his point. Beck claims that, according to Carr and other “elitists” (read: people who are respected for knowing things about politics), the Johnny-come-latelys who have never participated in government until the Tea Party came around are to be treated as if their ideas are the product of some sort of mental illness- as if they themselves are mentally disabled. In the process, though, Beck stopped making fun of Carr and very visibly made fun of the mentally disabled.

Anyone with the listening comprehension of a third-grader could deduce that Beck was personifying Carr’s prejudice stereotype of Midwesterners. In her zeal to post a poorly thought out piece Martel seems to have betrayed her apparent prejudices instead. Yikes.


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