Big Journalism Joins Anderson Cooper's Anti-Bully Crusade: Stop the Media Bullies!

We need you, our esteemed readers, to help us finally put a stop to media bullying!

If you’ve been watching anything on CNN lately you know Anderson Cooper has found a new cause, a new PSA, and is determined to turn that which doesn’t even approach news into something that does. But if it helps his new daytime talk show, who is anyone to complain about things like “journalistic standards.” Besides, he of the steel blue eyes and sensitive thousand-yard stare has a Get Out Of Journalistic Standards Free card entitled — all together now — For The Children!

As with all absurdly biased media crusades–and this is most certainly one of them– the sport of it is holding the media to their own standards. For example, thanks to the media’s undying love for all things Barack Obama, we conservatives have been introduced to a whole new definition of racism. Disagreeing with Obama is racism. Opposing ObamaCare is racism. Pointing out that our basketball-loving president loves basketball is racism. And now that the GOP’s new front-runner is Herman Cain, guess what we intend to holler every time the MSM goes after him?

Oh, the places we will go.

As far as Anderson Cooper’s anti-bullying crusade goes, this is nothing more than social leftism wrapped in after school specialness. Behold the stupid:


Did you get all that? Yes, we are all victims. Even bullies are victims of bullying… or something.

What the Left wants is social control over our lives and to firmly place themselves in their favorite position of influence: between a parent and his or her child.

When we’re being told that everyone is a victim of bullying, what we have here is a bunch of left-wing eggheads on a political crusade to turn turn the normal teenage socialization process into a–you guessed it–crisis. And a crisis demands an intervention, and thankfully we have our Left-Wing Overlords like Cooper and company to oversee that. Listen to to how these know-betters describe what you and I call life:

Instead, the research shows that many students are involved in “social combat” — a constant verbal, physical and cyber fight to the top of the school social hierarchy.

“Kids are caught up in patterns of cruelty and aggression that have to do with jockeying for status,” explains Robert Faris, a sociologist whom “Anderson Cooper 360 ” partnered with for the pilot study. “It’s really not the kids that are psychologically troubled, who are on the margins or the fringes of the school’s social life. It’s the kids right in the middle, at the heart of things … often, typically highly, well-liked popular kids who are engaging in these behaviors.”

Faris, along with the co-author of the study, Diane Felmlee, also found that bullies, whom they call aggressors, and victims are not defined roles, but in many cases, they can be the same person. The higher students rise on the social ladder, the more they bully other students, and the more other students bully them.

You really want to stop a bully, increase your self-esteem, and gain the confidence and social skills necessary to succeed in the real world? Try this. Because if all you’re taught to do is act like a crybaby over how you’re a pathetic victim, that’s going to get you absolutely nowhere after you’re shoved into the harsh light of real life. You’re going to be a miserably unhappy person who dies the thousand deaths of a coward as you await an Anderson Cooper intervention that will never come because he and his ilk have moved onto their next fascist crusade disguised as do-goodery.

In a broader and more insidious sense, though, this silly anti-bullying campaign ginned up by the Left isn’t so silly. It’s a malevolent political movement designed to stigmatize debate, behavior, and speech. It’s easy to laugh at GLAAD when they protest a joke in a film about electric cars being “gay” or demand an apology for a “SNL” skit. but it’s not so funny when a comedian is sent on a re-education/apology tour for being… a comedian.

Who’s the bully now, Anderson?

What Cooper and his allies are also doing is intentionally conflating the normal process involved in the rough and tumble of life with outright criminal behavior. When a kid dies, that’s an awful, heartbreaking tragedy but it’s not bullying, it’s a criminal felony. But by exploiting the death of an innocent child and declaring the cause of that death bullying, that gives all the right people (liberals) license to get between you and your kids, and better yet, to turn them into victims–because guess who victims vote for?

Man alive, nobody loves the State like someone stewing in the narcissism of their own victimization.

So what are the standards of bullying according to CNN and Mr. Cooper? Well, this whole movement is part of what’s called “The Bully Project” and their kinda creepy website lays it all out quite well:

We’re working to build an alliance of students, parents, school staff, policy makers and engaged citizens to create a positive environment in schools where everyone feels safe and respected. What can you do?

Speak up when you see bullying.

Make friends with people who are different from you. Strive to create a culture of kindness in your school.

Everything starts with one. Be that one.

Yep, rat people out. That’ll show the bullies.

But, as always, Big Journalism wants to be part of the solution, not the problem, so we are gladly joining with Anderson Cooper and CNN to call for an end to the bullying media, and we need your help! Let’s apply the standards above to the media and get started, shall we?

Is the MSM treating everyone in a way in which they can feel safe and respected?

If not, let us know about it at

Is the MSM making friends with people who are different from them?

If not, let us know about it at

If you see MSM bullying anywhere on any network and in any form, report it so we can report it, so we can get it to Anderson Cooper and ask him to do something about it

And if you’re looking for an example 0f disrespect and bullying and not embracing those who are different from them, this might help:



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