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Mother Jones Calls For #OWS Vandalism


Leftist publication Mother Jones took to Twitter to call for pictures of graffiti in cities and towns across America, done to show support for the Occupy whatever movement.

There are already any number of irresponsible voices involved with the Occupy movement at ground-level. Mother Jones should have done what serious publications are supposed to do, get the facts before you publish, especially if you intend to encourage costly, potentially criminal behavior.

Graffiti vandals believe their actions harm no one. The reality is graffiti hurts everyone: homeowners, communities, businesses, schools, and you. And, those who practice it risk personal injury, violence, and arrest.

Although the cost of graffiti vandalism in the U.S. has yet to be definitively documented, for many communities, private property owners, and public agencies the cost is rising each year. Figures from a variety of cities across the U.S. suggest that graffiti cleanup alone costs taxpayers about $1-3 per person each year.

For smaller communities the amount dedicated to graffiti cleanup annually may be less than $1 per person. A 2006 survey of the 88 cities, Caltrans and Metro in Los Angeles County on graffiti removal found the cost was about $28 million. With a population of close to 10 million, the per capita cost is about $2.80. With a population of just under one million, the City of San Jose, CA spent approximately $2 million in 2006 fighting graffiti.

Just one more way the occupy movement differs so vastly from the tea party.


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