Occupy's Phase II: Changing the Subject to Salvage the Scheme

The Occupy losers are delighted; they finally got the footage they think will shift the focus off the almost unbelievable legacy of Occupier violence, sexual assaults and general degeneracy that has been so carefully documented by Big Government. They hope that the visual of the UC Davis police force using pepper spray to stop these mutants from disrupting the campus will re-mobilize the fainthearted liberals who have grown fed up with the Occupiers’ antics. We conservatives need to ensure that doesn’t happen.

And we can do it the same way that we disrupted their narrative during the first phase of the occupation – by providing the context and telling the truths that the Occupiers used to be able to count on the liberal mainstream media to conceal.

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The Occupy movement is in a public relations freefall, and the outlines of the next phase in what is a classic Alinskyite propaganda operation are becoming clear. The problem for the Occupiers is that people are now seeing them for what they are, a movement composed entirely of weirdos, losers and mutations who worship at an altar of greed, laziness and bad hygiene – all served up with an utter lack of irony and self-awareness that drives away even those who might support aspects of the Occupiers’ inchoate ideology.

I knew the Occupiers had a problem when I partied in San Francisco last week with several very liberal friends – all of whom mocked the nearby Occupiers for being stupid, lazy and stinky as thoroughly as I did, and with the kind of searing contempt for these deadbeats that made me proud to be an American. My pals will never be tea partiers, but that’s not the point.

The point is that the puppeteers behind the scam now see that they have lost control of the narrative, and they are attempting to morph the Occupy movement in order to recapture it. The liberal media frenzy focusing on last week’s necessary actions by the police is the result.

The UC Davis pepper spray incident wasn’t an accident. The Occupiers wanted it. They needed it. They have been trying to make it happen. And they are counting on the notion that the aesthetic unpleasantness of video clips showing the reality of the use of force by the police – force made necessary solely by the actions of the Occupiers themselves – will shift the narrative from the Occupiers’ myriad personal and ideological failings and onto them as victims of state oppression.

Interestingly, the mainstream media is going into overdrive to depict the Occupiers as victims of a repressive police state when our head of state is the Occupiers’ Number One Fan. But again, neither irony nor self-awareness were ever liberal strong suits.

Remember that this community-organized movement is critical to the Left’s election strategy for next year; it mobilizes the radical base while providing a perfect target to triangulate against down the road. But now that plan is falling apart. The pepper spray imbroglio is part of a second phase designed to regain the initiative it has lost as a result of the very exposure it cultivated in the first place.

There’s just one problem for the Occupier’s puppet masters – this isn’t the same world in which Saul Alinsky operated, and that’s why this band of clowns is going to fail.

The Alinksyite strategy behind the Occupy movement operates on the premise that the liberal mainstream media will always present the movement in the most favorable light and will willingly airbrush out the… unpleasantness that always occurs whenever bands of leftists gather together.

This is an information operation, a propaganda campaign that depends on gaining legitimacy and sympathy from the good-hearted, soft-hearted mass of Middle America. The Occupiers cannot afford to be seen as they really are, a motley collection of tools ranging from greedy college students demanding normal people subsidize their Third World Womyns‘ Studies graduate degrees, to drug-addled drummers living off the largesse of Uncle Sucker, to Jew-hating Palestinian suck-ups yearning for Holocaust Part II, to union-trained “up-twinkling” professional protesters, to straight-up Marxists looking to enslave the American people in the service of their dark collectivist god.

They need to be seen as “peaceful,” as “concerned,” as something approaching normal. The mainstream media is only too eager to comply, bypassing the masses of creepy mutations that make up the bulk of the Occupiers to find and interview on camera the rare Occupier who is unpierced, semi-coherent and looks like someone who might actually get a job some day. In this way, the mainstream media can help its left-wing allies promote the fiction that this is some sort of relatable, organic movement reflecting the real feelings of the majority of Americans.

Except for one thing: this isn’t the Sixties anymore, as disappointed as the wizened potentates of the mainstream media may be. The Alinksyite model of using a sympathetic liberal mainstream media to transmit messages of normality and sympathy about the leftist radicals’ agenda to normal people cannot function where the mainstream media cannot act as gatekeepers and block any dissenting – that is, honest – narrative.

In other words, we on the Right – through our alternative traditional media, through Internet champions like Big Journalism and the other three Big sites, along with many others, through YouTube, and through social media like Twitter – can undermine the Occupier’s scheme by disrupting the narrative using facts and mockery. We can, and have, brought the truth out. We’ve ensured that the real story of who these losers are, what they think – to the extent that they think at all – and what they do (like drugging and raping) are out there for the world to see.

Before, it would have only have been the people unlucky enough to have to walk by these reeking bums, or who were kept up at all hours by their idiotic drumming, who would have seen (and smelled) the truth. But now, everyone can view the Occupiers in all their moronic glory. And, eventually, even the mainstream media had to take notice. When Jon Stewart finally turned on them, they knew it was time for Phase II.

Phase II is designed to turn the Occupiers into victims of a fascist police state, thereby generating sympathy and taking the spotlight off of their evil ideology and the fact that they constitute a petri dish of malignant social pathologies. The Occupiers intend to do this by drawing forceful responses from the police, then depict these responses out of context through the eager mainstream media in order to seize the mantle of victims of establishment oppression.

But we can throw a monkey wrench into the gears and stop that nonsense. Here’s how.

Step One: Provide Context. Those nitwits at UC Davis were not “peaceful protesters simply exercising their First Amendment rights.” They carefully planned a disruption that would require a police response, then refused to cooperate, forcing the police to take action. You don’t see the long period of time before the police acted depicted in the videos. You don’t see the abuse the cops endured. You don’t see the disruption that normal students had to endure. You just see the action shots of the cops pepper spraying the snotty little jerks who decided their idiotic ideology was so important that they had the right to block everyone else’s path.

We can provide the context. We can remind people that the police didn’t just walk up to a bunch of hippies who were minding their own business chatting about how awesome the Grateful Dead were and start spraying. We can remind people that this was a planned action designed to draw – and videotape – exactly the reaction that occurred.

Step Two: Support Our Police. The hysterical reaction to the police response from the liberal elite simply underlines the fraud that the liberal pose during recent years of supporting our first responders has always been. Sure, the libs love to trot out some police union official who hasn’t walked a beat in two decades every year at budget time, but the fact is that liberals have nothing but contempt for the police, and their choice to side with the degenerates here against our law enforcement officers is proof positive of it. We need to make the choice clear to normal Americans – do you stand with our cops or with the creeps?

Note that now, the UC Davis cops are even being threatened by these punks via popular leftist websites. A delightful example from “TheBMChief” on Huffington Post:

“People…g oogle UC Davis police and please post all the informatio n you can find. Thanks…” and “Those rentacops are lucky the students didn’t go all Fallujah/b lackwater on them…although fallujah/b lackwater made me laugh.”

Liberals – this is what you choose to stand for. Conservatives – make sure that the liberals own it.

Our respect for our police is genuine, and it’s time to show it. We need to respect the choices our police officers make when selecting tactics to use to clear out these trained, professional, and violent protesters. Sure, force is ugly. It’s not pretty to have to pepper spray someone. But aesthetic appearances are not the measure of morality. Using pepper spray allows the police to remove the protesters without the kind of physical brawl that exposes the cops (and, to the extent anyone cares, the dirtbag protesters) to the serious physical injury that can come from a wrestling match.

Hey, if using pepper spray makes our police even one iota safer, spray away. We need to get that message out – and let the liberals own the fact that they would put our police in harm’s way so as not to risk mussing the carefully dread-locked hair of their trustafarian Occupier pals.

Step Three: Keep Mocking These Idiots: As we found during the BlogCon 2011 convention, the Occupiers are uniquely vulnerable to mockery. By grabbing victim status, they hope to avoid the derision that they so richly deserve- which threatens them more than anything else. The key to their success is to be taken seriously as a political movement. By mercilessly pointing out their failures, foibles and felonies, we out-Alinsky the Alinskyites by utterly depriving the Occupiers of any ability to connect in a meaningful way with significant numbers of normal people.

No one wants to be part of a bunch of losers. If we keep showing normal Americans that’s exactly what the Occupiers are, the Occupiers will fail. Phase II – the Innocent Victims of the Fascist Police State Phase – is designed to reset the narrative that the Occupiers have lost control of largely because of people like us. We can’t let that happen. These people are clowns, and we need to spread the word.

It’s not time to wind down but to wind up, to get out there in the alternative media and through social media – and through personal, one-on-one contact with non-politically active people – and make the truth known. The Occupiers are a bunch of losers. If they don’t want to get pepper sprayed, they ought to stop doing the kind of things that get people pepper sprayed. And we conservatives stand with the cops. Liberals, who are you with – us and the cops, or with the guy with the Che t-shirt, Guy Fawkes mask and STD?

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in this information battle, our pictures and our words telling the truth and providing context are priceless.


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