Turning Texas Blue: National Left Targets Texas with Funding, Media

Turning Texas Blue: National Left Targets Texas with Funding, Media

During the second special session of the 2013 Texas Legislature, apreviously unknown Texas state senator, Wendy Davis, from Fort Worth,Texas, skyrocketed to political fame by conducting an eleven-hourfilibuster on the floor of the Texas Senate.

What would become Sen.Davis’s failure – her attempt to stop a strong Texas pro-life bill -actually began her rise in fame with the left-wing political media and from thepro-choice money that both would like to turn Texas blue.

During the second half of 2013, according to a January 15, 2014 report by Timothy P. Carney in the Washington Examiner,Sen. Davis raised $3.8 million; nearly $1.07 million of that camefrom sources outside the state of Texas. Carney reported that sinceDavis’s fame came from her aforementioned filibuster of the bill to banabortions in Texas after five months of pregnancy and to regulateabortion clinics to the same health standards as other outpatient surgicalfacilities, it would be “safe to guess that a huge portion of that $1.07million in out-of-state money is pro-choice money.”

Left-of-center media outlets like Huffington Post came to Davis’s aidby publishing articles like one by Ashley Alman exaggerating Davis’s fundraising successby combining the direct fundraising of the Davis campaign with that of various PACs like Battleground Texas and the Texas Victory Committee. The article came up with a number of $12.2 million, then compared it to the $11.5 million of the Republican gubernatorial frontrunner, Texas Attorney General GregAbbott. Alman’s article leaves out the fact thatAbbott’s number is not a combined total but rather his individual fundraising total. Other left-of-center media outlets like the Austin-American Statesman quickly jumped on the bandwagon. Even the Greenfield, Indiana Daily Reporter had to get in on the act.

The way media outlets have covered other stories shows how they are eyeing Texas as a battleground.

When Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst made a statementat a Houston, Texas, forum for the four candidates competing to be thenext Texas lieutenant governor, referencing the pay Texas teachersreceive, the left-of-center Associated Press took the statement and blasted it out and, in so doing, it distorted Dewhurst’s well-documented position onTexas teachers’ pay. The story was quickly picked up by left-of-centernews groups across the nation like the San Francisco Chronicle.

What Lt. Governor Dewhurst said in the debate was: “We’re paying ourteachers, when you count in the cost of living [across Texas], a veryfair salary.” The AP story focused in on Dewhurst’s claim that teachers are paid a “very fair salary” while Dewhurst’s actual words focused in on the costof living. The AP used data showing that Texas’s teacher pay ranks lower thanwhat “32 other states pay educators,” while ignoring the fact that adrastically reduced cost of living in Texas changes that equation.

The Teacher Portal website tells a different story.This site takes an in-depth look at the truth about teachers’ salariesand reflects data from multiple sources including the National EducationAssociation, job surveys, and private data analyses to create a “SalaryComfort” index reflecting the cost of living impact Dewhurst describedin his statement. When you factor this in, as Dewhurst did and the APdidn’t, Texas actually ranks 12th in the nation, just behindMassachusetts and ahead of New Jersey, Virginia, and New York. California,which ranks in the top five states for average teacher’s pay, occupiesthe 33rd position when factoring in cost of living.

The nationwide left-wing establishment’s focus and willingness to spin anddistort internal Texas issues to benefit a left-of-center narrativefurther validates the words of Republican Party of Texas Chairman SteveMunisteri. In a September 2013 Forbes interview titled “Why America’s Political Destiny Hinges on What Happens Next in Texas,” he stated, “There are 18 states that haven’t gone Republican in 25 years. Together they total 240 electoral votes. All the Democrats have to dois swing Texas, with its 38 Electoral College votes. Then they have anElectoral College majority. They don’t have to worry about the rest ofthe country.”