George Stephanopoulos Mistaken for ‘Little Kid’ Inside White House

George Stephanopoulos Mistaken for ‘Little Kid’ Inside White House

Holocaust survivor-turned-presidential tailor Martin Greenfield once mistook then-Clinton Senior Adviser GeorgeStephanopoulos for a small boy when fitting Clinton for a made-to-measure suit, according to a Daily Beast excerpt published on Friday. 

“What did I know? He looked like a little kid. I thought he was a White House page or something,” writes Greenfield in his new book, Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor.

When Bill Clinton offered to take a photo with Greenfield inside his White House bedroom, Greenfield told the president, “I brought a camera, Mr. President. We can have the kid over there take the picture.” The “kid” turned out to be Stephanopoulos.   

Stephanopoulos apparently did not harbor any hard feelings over the incident and instead laughed off Greenfield’s mistake before snapping the photo. 

Last Sunday, Stephanopoulos featured Greenfield and his book on ABC News’ This Week in a Sunday Spotlight. 

On Friday, the Daily Beast published an excerpt of Measure of a Man that contains the full Stephanopoulos story.


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