Washington Post Sees ‘Sign from the Heavens’ in Double Rainbow Above White House… from Last Week


As the mainstream media takes a boisterous victory lap over the Supreme Court’s declaration of nationwide same-sex marriage, the Washington Post took the extra step of invoking the divine. Wonkblog’s Ana Swanson wrote:

Senior White House official Betsey Stevenson, a member of the Council of Economic Advisers, captured what looked like a sign from the heavens on Friday at 11 a.m. Stevenson snapped a photo of a rainbow that had appeared over the White House.

However, the paper ended up with egg on its face for more than just its giddy enthusiasm. It turned out that the celebratory image was not actually from the day of the decision, prompting this correction:

CORRECTION: The rainbow in this image came from last week, not today. Betsey Stevenson, the White House official who tweeted it, later made clear that the image came from last week, not this morning. 

Several other news organizations which normally operate under the veneer of impartiality cheered the Court’s decision, such as CNN:


And BuzzFeed, who companywide was nothing short of ebullient.


While there may not have been a double rainbow above the White House, the Obama Administration gave supporters the next best thing: a rainbow on it.


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