Sarah Nyberg In Shock Admission: Yes, I Claimed To Be A Pedophile, But I Was Just Trolling


In yet another vindication of Breitbart’s reporting on the dark secrets of prominent social justice warriors, self-confessed pedophile, apologist for white nationalism and progressive darling Sarah Nyberg has confirmed the facts of our recent story about her troubled past.

Nyberg, a transsexual who used to be called Nicholas, hoped to become a leading progressive without acknowledging or atoning for her past. But her past caught up with her, and our reporting has once again been proven entirely right.

In a lengthy Medium post, Nyberg admitted today that chat logs from the website Final Fantasy Shrine, in which she can be seen claiming to be a pedophile and defending white nationalism, were hers.

The crux of Nyberg’s argument seems to be that her behaviour in the chat room was an elaborate act of performance art. “The taboo became a suit of armor; each day, I would be more shocking, more edgy, than the last”, writes Nyberg. “Defense of racism, sexual deviancy, murder, and more.”

But nowhere in the post does Nyberg acknowledge the 8-year-old girl Nyberg claimed to be attracted to. That 8-year-old girl, whom we in our original reporting referred to as Alice, is real: she has a family, and a life, and is now almost 18. Breitbart spoke to the parents of that young girl. They confirmed the details of our story.

Nyberg insists that she has been victimised by our reporting, alleging that her critics wish to “destroy” her. Yet all that her critics have done is repeat her own words back to her.

She has not addressed the public records that show her non-payment of taxes. Nor has she apologised for justifying white nationalism.

Most damningly, Nyberg does not address any of the most egregious parts of her chat logs, wherein she claims to have shared pictures of “Alice,” her underage cousin with fellow chat-room members, shared her precise relationship with Alice such that Alice could be easily identified, and indulged in extensive and disquieting sexually-charged chats about her.

“Chat logs from an IRC room I was in nearly a decade ago were leaked,” she says. “To say the contents of those logs were not flattering would be putting it lightly.”

Nyberg goes on to apologise for a number of her comments in the chatroom, describing herself as a “troubled young person raised on 4chan and internet edgelord culture trying to out-shock and out-troll the people around her.”

Nyberg is still dodging responsibility. Even the title of her post is a lie. In it, she describes herself as a “teenage edgelord,” an inappropriately light-hearted reference to I Was A Teenage Werewolf. But the chat logs we reported on date from the early 2000s to 2008, a period in which Nyberg was in her early to mid-twenties. It’s clear that Nyberg wants to present her actions as youthful indiscretion, but she was not, in fact, particularly youthful.

If we ignore the dissembling in the headline, Nyberg’s defence is: I was just being edgy. But is “edginess” an excuse for a person in their early twenties to self-admit to pedophilia, or to dox, upload photos of, and publicly fantasise over, an 8-year-old relative? No, it is not. Nowhere in Nyberg’s new post do the words “pedophile” or “pedophilia” occur.

Let us not forget the extent of the disturbing facts here. In repeated posts throughout the chat room, Nyberg sexually obsesses over her cousin. At one point, she casually discusses how she might get an erection if she sees Alice.

Nyberg’s defenses of pedophilia in the chatroom also seem deadly serious. As we reported, she rails against TV shows that attack pedophiles, writes at length about “child sexuality”, and praises people who publicly stand up for pedophiles.

Posting pictures of a young girl to the internet and providing all the information needed to track that girl down is not “trolling” or being “edgy” as Nyberg now pathetically claims. It is one thing to post a few incendiary and shocking messages for dramatic effect; quite another to insist, in detail, for a prolonged period of time, that one is a pedophile.

Nyberg brings up her transgender status repeatedly. But unless there is some reason why a transgender person should be excused from the consequences of their own self-expressed thoughts and self-described conduct, she cannot explain why less than a decade ago, as an adult, she doxed, uploaded photos of and named her own family member and then openly fantasised about that relative.

Oddly, Nyberg claims in her piece that she retained a lawyer and pre-emptively contacted the police when allegations about her past began to surface online and that the police have declined to investigate her.

We reached out to a contemporary of Nyberg’s, who visited the FFShrine chatrooms while Nyberg was still active and has known her for a decade. He published a refutation of Nyberg’s claims on Medium expressing scepticism at her explanation.

Before Nyberg released her Medium post, many of the people who leapt to her defence assumed that the chat logs had been fabricated. Their veracity was questioned by Margaret Pless of the Daily Kos. Academic Katharine Cross said they were “dubious chatlogs of unknown provenance.” British comedy writer Graham Linehan said Nyberg was the victim of a “smear.”

Now that Nyberg admitted that the chat logs correctly reflect messages she posted on FFShrine, apologies and retractions might be in order. Instead – of course – Nyberg’s defenders have doubled down once more, sharing and commenting on her post in glowing terms.

Nyberg’s claim, in essence, boils down to an appeal for sympathy. She was miserable so she acted out. She’s over it now. But Nyberg’s response contains no apology to Alice’s family. Nyberg never wrote it of her own volition, but solely as a response to our story. It is a paean to Nyberg’s own sense of victimhood, not an attempt to reconcile with, or move on from, the past.

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