Nolte — Very Fake News: CNN Selectively Edits Hoax Marriage Proposal Video After Getting Punk’d

CNN was punked on New Year's Eve by a hoax marriage proposal.

Turns out CNN did not need disgraced comedienne Kathy Griffin to bottom feed during its annual foray into degeneracy that is the last place network’s annual New Year’s Eve coverage. On national cable television, the left-wing outlet lit a marijuana joint, and anti-troop anchor Brooke Baldwin informed the world that her balls are bigger than Don Lemon’s — which surprised no one, nor did the fact that CNN decided to ring in 2018 with a fresh helping of Very Fake News.

Baldwin’s revelation about the size of her “balls” resulted in instant and well-deserved outrage, not for prudish reasons, but because it proved what everyone already knew — that Baldwin is a phony, a hypocrite… Case in point: her phony outrage back in September when sportswriter Clay Travis appeared on Baldwin’s CNN show and jokingly proclaimed his love for the “First Amendment and boobs.”

Joyless scold Brooke Baldwin seized the moment to appear “woke” and proceeded to feign offense. She then took to the online pages of CNN to appear woker and even more offended.

Yes, this is the same woman who told an openly gay man her balls were bigger than his.

Using his Twitter account, Travis himself quickly got in the act with a cash reward: “Boobs Baldwin and Don Lemon are interviewing random people in the bar there. Get on air and say you love boobs and I will give you $10k,” Travis offered.

He offered $20,000 “[i]f an @outkick girl gets on saying it to Boobs Baldwin, I’ll go $20k,” referring to his Fox Sports Radio show.

Less than an hour later, Travis’s offer got a bite. Using the pretense of a marriage proposal, CNN got punk’d bigtime by Marissa Smith and Dustin Smith, a couple who, according to Travis, is already married.

After their fake proposal, Marissa grabbed a CNN microphone and shouted, “I love boobs! B-double o-b-s!” Dustin then yelled, “Outkick, baby!”

CNN got punk’d. That is all there is to it. But rather than admit to it, or at least ignore it, instead, the fake news factory — at this very moment, some 36 hours later — is still pretending it captured an actual life-moment, an actual marriage proposal, live on the air.

The fake news headline still reads, “CNN Captures New Year’s Eve Marriage Proposal.”

But that is not even the worst part…

You see, it is never enough for CNN to just publish fake news — not when there is a fraud left to commit. So CNN selectively edited the video, removing the “boobs” part.

This might seem like a small thing, but that is what makes it so newsworthy.

If CNN is willing to go to such lengths to spread a small, meaningless falsehood, imagine how far Jeff Zucker and company will go to fabricate and lie when it comes to things that matter.

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