Nikke Finke: WaPo, NYT, CNN Better Off Declaring Liberal Biases

New York Times publishing obituaries of 'overlooked' women

Entertainment reporter Nikke Finke thinks it is “ridiculous” that so-called mainstream outlets like the Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN try to hide their blatant left-wing biases.

Finke, who is responsible for changing how Hollywood is covered in the new-media age, is apparently targeting “Republicans facing 2018 midterm elections” in her new venture and plans to expand her political coverage if she finds success during this election cycle.

According to Vanity Fair, “Finke feels liberal journalists should wear their political stripes as plainly as many conservatives do.”

“It’s ridiculous to try and keep this quote-unquote impartiality,” Finke told the outlet for its Friday piece on her potential move to political reporting and commentary. “It’s time that The Washington Post and The New York Times and NBC and CNN just call it like it is… Let’s just announce it. It’s time that we just declare ourselves.”

Though the biases of legacy media reporters and outlets like CNN have become even more evident since President Donald Trump got elected, three of the outlets Finke singled out—CNN, the Times, and the Post—have gone to painstaking lengths to claim they are without biases or political leanings.

Even after CNN, for instance, propped up selected left-wing Parkland shooting survivors to push for more gun control immediately after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy, CNN boss Jeff Zucker insisted that it is “silly” to criticize the network for being “left-wing advocates.”